We all know the feeling, you’re sat at home in your boxers playing Resistance: Fall of Man and you start thinking “you know, I wish I could watch that latest Rihanna music video, but I’m so lazy to simply go to YouTube in my PS3’s browser, I wish there was another solution”.

Well, Sony have heard your call and announced today at Leipzig that they will start trialling their new VidZone service across all PAL territories early next year.

Based on the current VidZone video service available online (ironically not accessible via the PS3’s browser) users will be able to watch, for free, new music videos as well as save playlists of their favourite tunes. It will also be possible for you to stream the video right to your PSP via Remote Play, just incase it’s too much effort to look up at the TV.

[youtube width=”480″ height=”378″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM-Mk26N6wQ[/youtube]

Soon, this video could be on your PS3. Think about that.

But, better yet, for only a “small charge” you can download your favourite tunes as ring tones for your phone! Sadly, before you start jumping around shouting “OMG I totally need that totally new Avril tune on my totally iPhone”, I have a bit of bad news; there is sadly no information on when, or if, the service will be leaving the PAL regions.

Europeans and Australasians can look forward to being down with the kids early ’09 when the service goes live.