It’s kind of hard to argue with the popular belief that the console versions of TF2 are massively inferior to the PC one. They don’t have 32 player matches, they’ve got awful controls, there’s barely any community to speak of, it used to be obscenely laggy, and they’ve never gotten any of the cool (and free) updates the PC version has, like Achievements and new weapons for the Medic and Pyro, and most recently the Heavy.

Well, maybe things will get better when Valve releases a massive update to the 360 version of TF2 later this year. Speaking with Kotaku, Valve’s Doug Lombardi remarked that they’d be bringing the whole suite of new stuff in one big happy box full of downloadable TF2 goodness to Xbox Live Marketplace – new maps, modes, class updates, everything. Since, unlike the PC version, Valve has to charge for this update, they thought they’d make it worth gamers’ money by making it a substantial package.

10 bones seems to be the going estimate for all this, but otherwise no official word on pricing or any incoming PS3 updates.

Source: Kotaku


  1. they might have not sucked inherently, but they definitely sucked compared to the mouse and keyboard – classes play completely differently with the M&KB combo.

  2. Depends what you’re used to, controls on the PS3 (and 360, they’re pretty much the same) were fine IMO. Certain classes are trickier, such as the scout, but they can be swapped to account for that. It’s also difficult forming a community for TF2 on consoles when constantly getting shouted down by smug, elitist PC players. Saying that, it’s certainly true that it’s a better game on the PC, as long as you spend 3 times as much as a console on one. I certainly enjoyed the PS3 version for quite a while, but got a bit bored of it, mostly cos of constant glitching, disconnections and quite often, the dreaded lag.

    I would doubt that anything will happen on the PS3, unless EA port the updates. I won’t hold my breath for that though.