Morgan Webb of G4’s X-Play gives us a little preview and some interesting info on Blizzard’s upcoming World of WarCraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King. Spoiler alert: Arthas is really a good guy and Death Knights are Paladins in disguise.

Seriously, though, there are some spoilers in the video, so carefully consider whether or not you want to ruin the excitement of starting a Death Knight by knowing what happens ahead of time. You’ve been warned.


  1. Eh? Why do people pay money to waste their life away watching sports.. or movies.. or reading books.. or playing frisbee…

    Life is just that.. life. You’re alive until you die and then you’re dead. Whatever you choose to fill that time with can never be meaningless as long as you enjoy it.

  2. DavidGX, it’s completely different. MMOs are not fun like paying to go to a football game. I mean, paying for a year of an MMO these days is what, a hundred fiddy bucks for twelve lousy months of fun. My money is on the super bowl. I can spend the same money, if not more, and get a few hours of fun. Hell, if I used that same amount of money a month, I could PURCHASE one DVD a month… well, old DVDs. New ones it’d be closer to somewhere around 2 DVDs every 3 months. And we all know it’s better to have fun for an hour and a half a month than fun for hours and hours at a time.

    For those who can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic.