I got some hands-on time with Hector and the MK vs DC game at E3 this year, and while I was impressed with the amount of blood they worked into the game, the Fatalities and Brutalities demonstrated at that point were a little on the lighter side.

So when I saw the Joker’s Fatality (and yes, it appears that DC Villains will be able to perform Fatalities) I almost shit my pants. If you are one of the many gamers out there who vowed they would never buy a Teen Rated Mortal Kombat game, you may want to check this clip out before you utter another word.

The clip above was zoomed in and cut out from a GameTrailers video interview (shown in full below). I opted to feature the animated gif because it highlights the Fatality, but if you want to see the full video, and check out the rest of the Joker’s moves, have at it.

Afterthought: What say you? Are you impressed by the creativity and graphic nature of the Joker’s Fatality, or is this type of thing still not good enough?

Update: The Joker’s second fatality has surfaced online. Click here to check it out.

Source: Neogaf


  1. Weak. He just shoots her with a minimal amount of blood and no flying meat chunks. I remain unimpressed and will continue to utter more words.

  2. Super awesome! animation & modelling of The Joker is a 9/10. Still don’t like everyone’s eyes starts to glow like that;it makes some sense in Superman’s case though.

  3. Like the idea for that fatality. But still, not impressed. The amount of blood makes it a little more realistic than the other MK games but i would like to see more.

    This alone doesn’t make it a more serious or darker MK like they tried to sell it to us before they started showing.


  4. MK vs DC? this is a real disappointment this game has gone low and i still love mortal kombat ultimate whit real life character pass like 2d instead 3d. These guy just want to go against other fighting game and that’s worst fatality i ever seen! i prefer joker style of batman:dark knight not like an idiot on this game. -1/10 seriously…who gonna buy this game anyway? I mean come on look Kitana she look like a MALE from the crouch part (well i don’t know if she’s female now same whit other copy character)

  5. ^ I respect your opinion,but a one year old movie isn’t more canonical to the batman universe than F.Miller’s or B.Kane’s Batman.

    Whether you like it or not,this “idiot” is objectively Joker at its best.It all used to be about contrast between Batman & Joker.The movie is about explosions and who’s darker;who’s got the meaner angriest look.

    Like Dark? Try Miller.

  6. not bad for a T rated game. thats gonna start problems though, with the fact that someone is being shot, in the face!! moms everywhere will be pissed.

  7. i think Katana’s shocked reaction and joker’s glee make this fatality more startling than a lot of the cheesy stuff we’ve seen in past mk games. i really think this game might have a rough time getting the teen rating.

    abbadon, way to pull out the FM canon. frank miller brought the dark to the dark knight.
    Ledgers joker was fantastic, but not necessarily the best take on the character. get you some “the killing joke” by alan moore to see what i think is still the best.

  8. I totally approve of this, haha. How awesome! That said, I am thinking the same thing as Jon: T? Really? In the face? It would be sad if they toned it down rather than go for the stricter rating, but I guess if they did get a stricter rating they might be inclined to tweak the entire rest of the game to make it more mature, which is probably way more work than just toning down a few parts and going for that intended audience.

    “Intense Violence – Graphic and realistic-looking depictions of physical conflict. May involve extreme and/or realistic blood, gore, weapons and depictions of human injury and death”

    Personally I would imagine this getting pegged as the above, due to the gun and the fact that she’s getting shot in the face and he’s laughing about it. Teen allows “minimal blood” and:

    “Violence – Scenes involving aggressive conflict. May contain bloodless dismemberment”

    Aggressive conflict? Yeah, but I think the gun probably crosses the line, heh. This will be an interesting one to read on What They Play.

  9. It seems to me that Emily Balistrieri is the intellectual saving grace of all you morons daring to chime in here in the commments…

    (and nice glasses too…very hot)

  10. Did anyone notice either that it wasn’t actually blood? I could swear that it was streamers that pop out of the gun.
    A point of this is the opponent doesn’t fall down, they just stand up stunned.

  11. Who cares about FM canon and whose joker is the best? This is classic and great — pulls the fakie gunshot just to giggle at the reaction and then does the real thing because he gets his jollies off of murder and toying with folks… that deserves an M rating almost by itself. Love it.

  12. that is a work of genius…sure it may not have the extreme gore that id want from anything mk related..but the way it was done made it so sinister and dark…just how id want the joker to be. twisted and ace.

  13. I’m confused as to what you naysayers would want from a Joker fatality?

    Exploding cigar? Acid flower? Man eating whoopie cushion? Or would you rather he break character and rip the opponents head off… like we’ve seen a MILLION times…

    This is classic. This is well done. I can’t wait to give this a rental.

  14. That fatality is pretty cool, but I still can’t see myself buying a Teen rated MK game. The last real MK game was Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and will remain so until Ed Boon realizes that no one wants a Teen rated MK game. I know I don’t.

    Well… I don’t know yet. I mean, I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat games since the first one in 1992 and just can’t see the game changing this drastically whereas there is little blood and has a Teen rating.

    I guess we’ll see. Maybe my decision will change when the games get released.

  15. This is retarded. DC heroes should beat every mortal combat characters. Also, Superman should never bleed and should be unbeatable.

  16. “This is retarded. DC heroes should beat every mortal combat characters. Also, Superman should never bleed and should be unbeatable.”

    Did you ever read “The Death of Superman?” In the end, Superman was beaten to Death, bleeding in the streets of Metropolis. No krptonite, just a beating acrosds the country. Now I do feel that superman can beat up just about everyone in this game, though i suppose it’s hard to make a DC game and not include the Big S. Maybe he should have been a boss?

    p.s. I never read anything past The Death of Superman, so if it ends up that you find out later that the dude who killed superman’s hands were laced with krptonite or something, feel free to attack me in an irrational and over dramatic way

  17. The reason Superman is beatable is because in the storyline of the game, the DC and MK worlds were somehow fused into one having effects on the characters (probably mainly Superman). I saw something about it in a video interview. That’s pretty much all the guy said. But I believe it will be explained when starting the game.

  18. Hey guys, I heard that if you cry about it more then they might actually change his fatality to something more fitting his character… oh wait, shit… no they won’t shut up.