I have often thought about purchasing a giant Winnebago and going on a cross country “adventure”. Maybe pulling over on the side of the road from time to time for a “video game” break or two.

While my adventure would include the occasional use of video games, it wouldn’t be a “video game adventure”, no, those are reserved for idiot cyclists like the one below.

News out of Utah is that a motorcycle wrecked into a family of four traveling in an SUV. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The troopers who arrived at the scene interrogated the cyclist about the accident, and he responded by saying he was on a video game adventure. One office added:

“I don’t know whether he was trying to act out a scene in a video game or what he was trying to do, but he said it always worked for him in video games”

This is one Utah resident who shouldn’t be allowed to play video games, let along operate a motorcycle on the open road.

Source: ksl.com (via GoNintendo)


  1. I have been riding for a long time and that just boggles the mind. as far as I’m concerned he got off easy. enjoy that road rash :P

  2. Yeah Guy, I never heard that phrase before, the proper name would “sport bike” I think the news program was trying to make the cycle sound more “dangerous” and “sinister” as if the rider shot the oncoming “suv” with a giant bullet.