If you want to play Tetris (or a game that looks and plays just like it) on your Apple iPhone for free, then you had better hurry to the App Store and download it soon.

The makes of the real Tetris game contacted Apple regarding “Tris”, a blatant knock off of the classic puzzle game, asking that it be removed.

In response, Noah Witherspoon, creator of Tris, explained on his blog that he is a broke college student with no means to fight the accusation.

“Well — I’ve received notice from Apple that they’ve been contacted by The Tetris® Company about Tris. That, I’m afraid, is essentially game over. Do they have a case? No. Not really …

The trouble is, I’m a college student, and not an affluent one, and I simply do not have the time, energy, or resources to fight this battle right now.”

Sounds like a smart move by Noah, especially since most people would argue that they would have a case and he wouldn’t stand a chance in hell of winning.

Source: touchArcade