Hey guys, guess what? What? Chuck Norris! LOL!! ROFLMAO!!

You thought it was over. Well, it isn’t. Chuck Norris is descending upon geek culture once again, with fists flaming with the might of 1,000 suns, and this time it’s in mobile game form. Chuck Norris: Bring On The Pain will be an old-school side-scroller beat-em-up that follows Chuck as he rescues POWs from a rogue Soviet Army, defends Texas from invasion and then tops it all off by overthrowing Fidel Castro (the dude is old as heck, give him a break, Chuck). There’s also some neat funtionality that lets you upload pics of your friends to the game, and then give them a trouncing courtesy of Mr. Norris.

Can’t wait for this, it’s gonna be even better than ORLY Owl The Game: ORLY?