Aren’t developers supposed to be the arch enemies of the review score system, railing at their gross inadequacy to whittle the brilliance and complexities of their work into an arbitrary numerical score? Peter Molyneux’s constantly hailed the brilliance and complexity of his newest masterpiece, Fable II, but apparently he has no problem with review scores (well, as long as he’s the one giving them out). Molyneux recently remarked that he was super-pleased with how Fable II has turned out, saying:

“I’d rate it a 9 out of 10… It’s the best, most complete game I’ve ever worked on.

Hey, it’s pretty humble when it comes to self-praise, considering what we’ve been hearing about certain other outspoken designers.

Source: Xbox World 360 via CVG


  1. If the game is good, there’s no problem with saying something like that. However, if your game is called “Too Human”…

  2. I’ll rate my ass a 10^21 -3/4

    God I despise you Molyneaux…I still want to shove black & white up your utter brilliance.Stop Hyping everything you give birth to like an oligophrenic kid with 2 crayons,pretentious twat.

    Sorry,he just gets on my nerves.

  3. haha “Too Human”: the day after we sold like 20 copies of that game at my job like 7 people brought it back or beaten it.

    I never cared for Fable and over hyping you’re own game just isn’t humble honestly. Even if it is good, I mean come on.

  4. Yeah, maybe what he means by that is that the game was nine tenths completed. With all the glitches, buggy gameplay and woefully short play time I find it hard to believe that even he believes this garbage. Seriously Molyneux has to be one of the WORST game developers ever.

    Sure Dennis Dyack said that Too Human was the next coming of the video game messiah and it didn’t even come close but he’s still not as bad as Molyneux. At least DD only did it with one game, delivering quite powerfully with games like Eternal Darkness.

    All Molyneux has ever done is overpromise and overhype games that ended up okay at best. Fable 1 and 2 are both mediocre games that don’t deserve any more or less than mediocre scores. But his overhype of every game he releases makes people quite agitated with the games by the time they’re playing them.

    Anyone remember his promise of how to do everything in Fable 2 it’d take 100 hours? Yeah my game time was 20 hours at best before full game completion.