A supposed piece of sheet music titled “Killer Instinct 3 – Main Title” has surfaced on the web. The site fueling the rumor, mundorare.com, claims to have recieved the sheet music from an unamed source within Microsoft.

High res scan of the document available after the jump.

Looks like a bunch of jibberish to me, but I know jack about music, so this is expected. Any musicians out there want to take a crack at deciphering this bad boy?

Afterthought: Real? Fake? Really fake? Do you think this is real, and if a game like Killer Instinct 3 were to be released today, would you care?

Source: mundorare.com (via: scrawlfx.com)


  1. I guess we ought to get someone who knows about music to look at it, and tell us how it goes. Looks to me like it’s pretty repetitive.

    Also, I never played the other games in the series. I guess nobody ever recommended them to me.

  2. The original arcade game was awesome (way back in 94), the Nintendo port wasn’t. I think I played Killer Instinct 2 on the N64 and it was passable but not a patch on the arcade version. Just didn’t translate well, unlike SF/MK. It was notable for it’s ridiculous *massive number* hit combos. The characters on screen were far bigger in the arcade version (much like that original Street Fighter that wasn’t Street Fighter, if you know the one I mean).

    I guess a new version could work, but it’d have to be pretty damn good to rival Soul Calibur IV and probably the new Street Fighter.

  3. I really hope this is fake
    The ‘composer’ has opted out of using more than one note per bar. In fact it has the same note repeated 82 times from bar 9 to 17! not very melodic.
    it goes from displaying 4 bars per line to 3 bars per line, untidy formatting.
    Also would expect what instrument this sheet is for to be written at the top, eg 2nd violin.

    That was probably knocked up on some compostion software in about 10 minutes. I’m going stick my neck out and say FAKE.

  4. It reads like game music from 2 or maybe 3 generations ago. Midi style *shudder*, like Road Rash or something. I can’t remember what the KI music was like but I imagine it’s something similar.

  5. Okay So i made a perfect copied music midi for this score and this looks a bit like a theme , but its not that professional as there are no accents or any other emphasizers.
    anyways if you want to hear what it sounds like then here is a link everyone
    [url=http://www.upload-mp3.com/files/257942_wnvbf/killer%20instinct%203.mid]killer instinct 3.mid[/url]