Still in the race for release, Sony Liverpool’s WipEout HD has been given a price tasty enough to tempt any PlayStation 3 owner. 

The upcoming PlayStation Store game WipEout HD will cost only £11.99 when it’s available, hopefully at the end of this month.  ‘Hopefully’ being the opperative word, since the game has yet to be given a release date  after being extensively pushed back due to a specific technical problem.

Running at 60 frames-per-second in 1080p, WipEout HD will offer 8 tracks and online play.  Although there’s been no word on the American price, at just over ten quid in the UK we don’t expect your digital wallet to be stretched too far.

Source: CVG

[UPDATE] reveals that WipEout HD will be priced at a bargain $20 when it arrives on the US PlayStation Store.