A campaign launched earlier this year by the UK’s National Health Service has picked up pace, now targeting the country’s universities. The initiative ushers young people to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases by offering a Nintendo Wii for their…wee.

Working on the predictable pun, UK doctors hope to make a dent into the 10% of sexually active 15-25 year olds who have a Chlamydia infection. Though it can lead to infertility,  this STD is easily cured, as illustrated by Michele Presbury, Chlamydia screening coordinator for NHS Lincolnshire:

The test is simple – a urine sample for men or a vaginal self-swab for women – and treatment is by oral antibiotics so it couldn’t be simpler.

The ‘A Wee for a Wii’ campaign will pick up steam through its presence at University Freshers’ Fairs, offering the chance to win a Nintendo Wii for a simple teSt. So far the response has been positive, with one student displaying the stereotypical carefree attitude of young people:

I probably wouldn’t get tested if there was no incentive. But if you could win a Wii you’d probably do it even if you weren’t at risk.

All signs point to a successful campaign.  At least, more successful than the “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” radio competition that left a Californian woman dead from water intoxication.

Source: thisislincolnshire.co.uk