Bethesda Softworks, developers of the soon-be-be-realized apocalypse that is Fallout 3, have recently launched a new promotional site for the game. Designed in the retro-futuristic informational style that we’ve all come to love, is presented via a Radiation King television set.

The TV features some channel buttons on the side, each of which presents you with a little video and is followed by a mini-game of sorts. Here’s one example:

Following this video, an interactive version of the map appears, allowing you to click on the different landmarks and view an in-game flyby of the location. Other channels describe V.A.T.S. and then let you shoot of body parts, or it will talk about the GOAT and then let you take a mini version of the test to find out what your job should be (mine told me I should be awesome — mission accomplished).

Like most of the stuff I’ve seen recently for Fallout 3, this new site has me incredibly excited to get my hands on the game. Even with just a month left before release, I still feel like the game can’t get here fast enough. Seems odd that I’m looking forward to the end of the world, but Bethesda does a good job of making the apocalypse seem fun. Maybe they should do PR for the government (SNAP!).


  1. I think one of the things that is really attractive about this game for me is completely wrong; I think that it’s going to be great simply because it’s almost more of Oblivion.

  2. Oblivion with guns, so say the Fallout fanboys. And they also say the game sucks even though they’ve never played it. But yeah, even though I loved the original games, even if this does end up just being Oblivion with guns, I think it will be a pretty good ride.

  3. I take digs at the fact that there are so few actors but you’re right, they really made the game what it was. It’d be awful to have it all scrolling text.