Swedish inventor and assumed iPhone owner, Peter Huvander, created the iYo to power his phone though the long Swedish winter.  Because of the lack of light during the dark season (really?), Huvander needed to find a solution to his inability to harness the sun’s power.  Mine would have been to just plug it in.

The iYo uses “induction power” to create the juice necessary to charge the iPhone, and is easily understandable when you look at this simple diagram:

Okay, so maybe that doesn’t explain much, but check out this awesomely produced iYo commercial to make you believe in the power of the yo-yo:

iYO YOYO from Peter Muungano on Vimeo.

The next step for me would be to get an iPhone in the first place, but I’m not all into that, uh, whatever it is that makes people want iPhones. Regardless, charging your phone with a yo-yo? Apple certainly is cornering the market on chic dorkiness.

Source: DesignBoom