Following a 12-hour countdown, Bungie has posted a 60 second teaser trailer for their new Halo game – “a new Halo 3 campaign experience”.

The CG trailer is massively cryptic.  Seen through the eyes of the Superintendent, an apparently abandoned cityscape gets bombed to hell and back and left in a smoky ruin. Though close up, these ‘bombs’ are pods.

But that’s pretty much it, aside from the the ‘Prepare to Drop’ tagline and the Halo 3 logo. We only know it’s a campaign by helpful description from Xbox Live Marketplace. What we can tell from the trailer however:

00:09 – Well, that’s a pod alright
00:13 – Notice the evacuate sign on the left… and in small letters under it: “City of New Mombasa”
00:36 – For one frame “Maddie, Where Are You” appears. Speculation about that is rife across the web that this ia a reference to missing schoolgirl Madeleine McCann. We can’t imagine it being true, but can’t recall any Maddie from Halo either…
00:36 again – The Flood are almost certainly involved. “Danger: Flood Zone” appears in the next frame. It’s a fair guess this isn’t a public maintenence issue.

Naturally, more predictions are already being made, but it’s all conjecture. Cast your bets.


  1. I bet its a new, squad based game focusing on the ODST. I will put money on it. The end? Prepare to drop? The pods? And I think I’ve heard rumors of a squad-based game from Bungie before…

    Cryptic, as usual Bungie. Still, I bet its about the ODST clearing the flood from New Mombosa around roughly the same time the Chief was off in space rescuing cortana.