The Playstation blog reports that a Gran Turismo 5: Prologue update has been released, ready for download right now. The update brings some performance updates as well as three shiny new cars. While the cars cost up to a million credits in-game, for those of us in real life the update is completely free. Hit the jump for details on the four-wheeled boxes of metal.

Firstly, the “GT by Citroen”. Based on a collaborative effort between Polyphony Digital, the folks who make Gran Turismo, and Citroen, the French car manufacturer. It’ll cost a million credits.

The Ferrari California is the second new motor vehicle. Now that’s what I call red. This one’s just 300,000 credits.

Lastly, the Lotus Evora, pictured at the top of the page. My personal favourite, so I’m glad it’s only 100,000 credits.

Here’s the list of gameplay tweaks:

Changes to the penalty system; specifically, during Time Trial events, speed penalties have been removed, and instead incurring such a penalty now invalidates the lap time for that particular lap. Race events are also being updated, with tweaked difficulty levels and increased earnings for winning a top spot. Additionally, improved responsiveness when using the wireless controller, and improved sound volume balance for sound effects and music for a better racing experience. Drift Trial races have also been changed to feature a rolling start.