Armin Heinrich has created an application for use on the iPhone called “I Am Rich”.  What’s it do?  Absolutely nothing except put a glowing red gem on your screen.  Oh, and it also shows that you are either a total douchebag or a complete idiot because the damn thing costs $1000.

Somebody apparently didn’t think it was all that cool of an app, however, as it is now gone from the iTunes App Store.  So, did the creator make any money?

Sadly, yes.  In the less than a day that the app was available, eight people inexplicably downloaded it.  After Apple’s cut, that boils down to approximately $5880 assuming, of course, that Apple allows him to keep any of it.

There’s a chance Apple will refund the money to users who may not be satisfied or thought the whole thing was a joke, which I assume is all of them.  This guy, for example, claims it was a just a mistake.  I, however, claim him to be a total retard.

Armin Heinrich states that it was Apple that removed the app, not him, but he was never contacted about it or told why it was removed.  He later confirmed that he has so far not received any money from the sales and that Apple was intending to refund the money to two of the eight buyers.

Regardless of whether they bought it by accident or on purpose, they should be killed.

Source: LA Times


  1. this is an awesome story the guys a genius theres no rules of wat the app has to do so selling a red gem on the screen for a thousand is beyond over charging but he is within his right to do so and legally unless apple take him to court and squeeze him out with legal costs he will get the money from the app

  2. The original story was from August, but according to my Google Reader, it was updated on October 6th, so I ran with the latest info. Since we didn’t report it the first time around, I had to explain the whole story so people that didn’t already hear about it knew what we were talking about.