Remember when we told you to expect our next Ripcast earlier in the week? You’re welcome. Unless, of course, you hate these. Then we apologize from the deepest depths of our hearts.

Our second week goes quite successfully as Dan Landis, Roly Reyes, Beau Rosser, and Jonathan Zungre talk about their Playlists, which include: BioShock, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance: Fall of Man, Rock Band, and The Witcher.

We then harp on a slew of new Nintendo products, the potential of a Buzz Lightyear Sackboy on our PSP’s, Fable II Collector’s Editions getting gutted, and the official word on Ryan Payton (and everyone else’s) involvement in a forthcoming Halo game. Fred Savage works his way into the conversation as well.

On semi-related notes, we have an RSS feed up and running, and found the time to submit the Ripcast to iTunes. Unfortunately Apple has yet to add us to their search, but you can make us all very happy by clicking this link and subscribing to our show.

As always, please feel free to share your feedback with us on the show. We are constantly looking to improve. Hit the jump for our second installment of the Ripten Radio Ripcast.


Music courtesy of Anamaniguchi and various Flash Kit users.