With all the positive press out there showcasing the great things that can be made using the LittleBigPlanet level editor, it was only a matter of time before someone made something not so great.

If you thought the use of Space Invaders to mock the events of September 11th was tasteless, then you will likely cringe when you see Sackboy pilot a plane into the twin towers in this user created LBP level.

The video is available after the jump, though we completely understand if you decide to pass on this one.

Level created by Bushkiller85 (PSN ID) and recorded by onQ (PSN ID).


  1. Yea uh… In world war II… I think about a


    In 9/11, only about 1000? 2000?
    I’m not saying it’s not a big deal but, grow the fuck up… It’s a GAME! QUIT CRYING!

    I thought it was in bad taste but it was pretty damn funny…

  2. you guys dont get my point

    Where i come from in my school if you say brown or black some one will shout racist,
    If one of our teacher have ago at them they start calling them racist,
    i got to the point now where i think they use it as an accuse, nothing more.

    but let just say this was something about th bibel adam and eve for exmaple, and some one turns it into a porno scene, or makes fun of them not wearing clothes, every one would find it funny, but no one would be offended in any way, the church mind be annoyed but we dont care

  3. I think it’s great — all of you tards that got all up-in-arms over this need to seriously get off the internet
    It’s a game; it’s funny, it’s well-made

    That’s all that needs to be said.

  4. @ThatCanuck111: What are you like 12 or some shit? “In WWII like a BILLION people died.” Your so fucking stupid in WW2 the human population hadn’t even reached that number.