In other “non BlizzCon related” news, Microsoft has filed a $2 million lawsuit against shipping company DHL over lost Xbox 360 units — 21,600 lost units to be exact. As the story goes, a DHL train carrying butt loads of Xbox 360 consoles derailed in Duke, Texas, causing “impact damage, wetting, pilfering and shortage.”

Microsoft says that DHL is refusing the pony up for damages despite their belief that the company “negligently breached” their duty. Attempts made to contact DHL have been unsuccessful thus far, though I am praying for some ungodly small fine print that reads something like this:

“DHL is not responsible for damages unless all 4 rings on the front of our train light up red upon impact.”

While I am pretty sure DHL and Microsoft are not finding this funny at all, I will glady take this opportunity to coin a new acronym — “Red Ring of Derailment” — RROD for short. You know what they say about karma right?

Sadly, if the train wreck had damaged …. oh I don’t know, 360,000 units, DHL might have been able to convince Microsoft to write it off as an advertising expense.

Source: GamePro