In a previous interview with, Cliff Bleszinski mentioned in passing that he thought the Dom and Maria act along with pace of gameplay was what might attract a female audience for the Gears games. He said his “gut feeling” was that women love Gears, judging this of course by the number of friend requests on his MySpace.

Cliffy B has pushed the campaign further and launched into the world of nude male modeling in an effort to win over the ladies. He also made sure to tag the photo with “sexy” and “awesome” for clarification.

The above “photo” was spotted on Cliff’s twitter a couple hours ago. What’s even better is that it appears after several tweets about how poor Cliffy’s pick-up lines aren’t being received well by the ladies:

Going to the club later tonight. The ladies are gonna be on me like ports on the Wii.

Note to self: “Emergence Hole” pick-up line does NOT work.

Neither does the “Hammer of Dawn” line.

Since all of his updates were from the web, I have to question if the pick up lines were really to blame. Who goes to a club and then proceeds to sit on a computer? Cliff, do you have some sort of MMO addiction that we should be worried about?

I’m not sure if this has made my life better or worse. On the one hand, every time I play a Gears of War game I won’t be able to get this image out of my mind. On the other hand… do I want to?


  1. Cliffy: Baby, I’m like the hammer of dawn… Best thing in the game!
    Gamergirl: Yea, also absolutely useless in a bedroom, and never up when I need you.