Illinois developer Volition, the makers of Saints Row 2, are under fire today as the New York Police department came out swinging their PR-25 side-handled baton at the e-thug simulator.

NYPD union boss Patrick Lynch told the Daily News of New York that “horrible and violent video games desensitize young people to violence while encouraging depravity, immorality while glorifying criminal behavior … ”

Similar titles such as Grand Theft Auto have also come under the crosshairs of the NYPD for what they perceive as endorsing a criminal lifestyle.

Note to Volition: do not anger the police force that shoots the wrong people 41 times. I don’t care if you have Tera Patrick and her dual-side airbags in your corner, she’s not blowing anyone away. Figuratively speaking of course.


  1. I’m tired of people blaming video games for violence and immoral behavior. If you raised you child properly, the would know the difference between fantasy and reality and if they have a problem distinguishing the two, you should not buy those games for them. The blame rests solely on the parents, who should know what is appropriate for their children based on their maturity level.

  2. blame the parents because you have to be 18 yrs or older to even f’ing buy GTA iv & more than likely Saints Row or SR2 … which seems to look like a cheap GTA knock off???