It was a good show while it lasted, wasn’t it? Hey, let’s try another MMO. Oh this one has good PVP, it has cool innovations like public quests. But wait – there’s a new WoW patch? Okay, screw this, let’s play WoW.

That’s essentially the way Blizzard COO Paul Sams would tell you the story of how the folks who immigrated from World of Warcraft to Warhammer Online are already back to their previous MMO of choice.

We’ve seen a significant number of people, well over half, that cited Warhammer as their reason for leaving – they’ve already returned.

You think you’re out but then they just pull you back in. More thoughts from Sams after the jump.

While commending WAR on its success, Sams seemed a little backhandedly condescending in his comments on the game:

We respect those guys over there a lot and certainly wish them well to succeed but having registration troubles, having server troubles, these are things that come with the territory when you’re talking about managing a game as big as World of Warcraft or Warhammer or anything like that… I think Warhammer is best positioned to succeed out of the various products that have come out thus far since World of Warcraft has come out

But you’ll never beat us, bwahahahaha…



  1. I’m sure they’ve “come back” just to check out the update (which was, like 1.5 gigs), but that doesn’t mean they are staying.

  2. I’m not exactly the exact same as what Blizzard is talking about.

    I stopped playing WoW about a year and a half ago. I started playing WAR shortly after launch. Once the new WoW patch hit I’ve basically stopped playing WAR and have been playing WoW most of this week. We’ll see if it keeps up.