Liberal. Conservative. Fanboy.

These words have taken on new meanings in the age of internet and anonymous hate-spamming. And, just like pundits and politicos, gamers have their preferred warhorse.

But when you show your support for a system you instantly become “fanboy,” and are likely to get a face full of flamer comments within minutes. People get defensive. People get offensive. And most frequently, they degenerate into juvenile debates that go a lot like playground calls of “my dad can beat up your dad.” Sure, its never going to happen, its just that people really like to be assholes to each other.

But you already knew this, if you have any internet proficiency. So lets ask the question, what is a fanboy, and is it really so bad to be one?

Well, Brad Hilderbrand, at kombo, dared to ask that question, and his editorial inspired me to share my opinion with you, in a time when it’s not only gaming that’s full of name calling, and the side we chose has come to be a derogatory term.

I will admit, that for the better part of my years, I was a Nintendo fanboy. I owned mostly Nintendo systems and loved Nintendo games. Lately, I’ve become quite attached to the Xbox 360. I do not own a PS3, but that’s mostly because I’m fucking poor and can’t afford everything I want. That’s life. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like Sony. In fact, if I had the opportunity, I would buy a PS3 and some really great games to go with it, because all systems have their good and bad parts, and in the end, it comes down to having fun.

So lets put down the hate words and really come together as a nation, as a world, as a community of people with a shared interest, and maybe if we’re lucky, all the ‘responsible people’ who don’t play games will notice that we can get along without resorting to playground name-calling tactics.

Just as long as none of those dumbass PC douchebags who think their $2,000 system is hot shit come along. Seriously, fuck those guys.

That’s sarcasm. Put out your flaming torches, I own a PC too.