Several new FFXIII screens surfaced on Famitsu’s website today and I’ve got them, along with a Google translation of the copy from the page, included for you after the jump.

[ Begin Google Translation ]

Two of the government sacred world of swirling speculation inclusion

Crystal will be guided by a society based on the colony, “Cocoon” and the spread of primitive nature “pulse”. Two of the world’s stage and RPG’s FFXIII. Lightning (no translate) RASHIKI blond heroine of the men, but this time the name “Snow” turned out to be. In the FF series, VII, after the hero of many of the weather has been named. Therefore, his position is in this film is important to be inferred.

The album will be an important keyword, “Farsi” and “RUSHI”. Farsi is a special existence beyond knowledge, and Cocoon is built. RUSHI chosen by the Farsi and was given the mission of the neck. The mission, from Farsi to the video, such as RUSHI “vision” will be conveyed, because it’s not clear what, (no translate) by means of a controversial interpretation.

Snow was chosen as the RUSHI one of Farsi. (no translate) bulk of rugged, and things always think positive. Without dashing back in, take care of one side of good. However, without considering the consequences that a lot of action, the Lightning is probably a little clause (no translate) SHIKU. In addition, the mission RUSHI and elsewhere in the body engraved badge. Snow in the pattern of the left arm, but the signs? He stamped on the scene got some strength.

RUSHI = given to their mission, to protect the world Snow said. Cocoon governed by the Holy Office, to protect from whom? In addition to the proposal, the Lightning does not seem to be enthusiastic.

In serious situations, where the girl’s twin tail (no translate). Feel less anxious, a laid-back personality? The vision for the mission, (no translate) sometimes anxious to see the expression ….

Lightning look sad. I have failed or are guilt-cranking. “Trust” was submitted to me and everyone who was supposed to be, she is heavy, heavy eyes.

This is a movie scene. Was accused bound twin tail clothes, a girl with a kind of coffin will be escorted scene. Holy Office has directed the military to the blond woman in front of the screen. In the footage, her bespectacled face, and fell back to the sword and a low-cut dress has been confirmed.

[ End Google Translation ]

Source: Famitsu


  1. The woman with her head turned to the screen wears glasses. (if that matters to anyone). And Snow’s last name is “Villier”

    And Lightning looks like she needs a hug or some sexual needs