The search continues for the missing Ontario Canada 15 year-old, Brandon Crisp, who fled his home after an argument with his father over their decision to take away his Xbox.

According to Barrie police spokesman, Sgt. Dave Goodbrand, Microsoft Canada has offered to do “anything they can to expedite the process to find Brandon,” and the company is putting their money where their mouth is as they doubled the reward for information leading to his safe return, bringing the total amount to $50,000.

The teens father Steve described his son as being “obsessed” with the online aspect of the popular Call of Duty 4 game. Microsoft is closely working with authorities, divulging the IP addresses of anyone that may have come into contact with Brandon via the game.

Over 400 volunteers have assisted the police in a six day search spanning 40-sq.-km from the point the boy was last seen riding his bike by eye witnesses. Having received well over a thousand tips thus far, the community remains optimistic that they will find Brandon as they plan to resume their search tomorrow.

And yes, even the disbarred Miami lawyer, Jack Thompson, reached out to Barrie police lending his perspective on video game addition.

“It’s a psychological and physiological condition … These are tough things to have the kid go cold turkey.”

It must be equally “tough” to quit meddling in the video game related news arena. I’m going to add that it may even be considered a “physiological condition”. Move on Jack.

If you have any information that you believe may help lead to the finding of Brandon Crisp, please contact the Barrie police at 705-725-7025.



  1. I’m very happy to see the gaming community flocking together to help out, but can’t help but feel almost sad that this single kid is gaining this much attention.

    1 in 7 kids run away from home in the US before they reach the age of 18, where is their mass-media rally?

  2. No offense, watch them find him at a friend’s house. Since the parents are so negligent and cast their son as anti social. It wouldn’t surprise you that they say omg he had friends? Though the kid is partly to blame.

  3. No offense, but the writer of this article is a prick. Thompson is offering his input (which is fairly accurate, even though he is a joke), and his involvement should not be the driving force of this piece.

    All efforts involved in finding this kid should be applauded.

    Interesting how you folks are so quick to indict the parents. You know nothing of the background and yet still rush to judgement. Amazing…

  4. Lost Dog,

    Thanks for the comment. It’s my opinion that his input is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to shift the spotlight onto himself.

    He was found unfit to practice law, and I’m pretty sure Oprah won’t be helping him get his own therapeutic talk show any time soon.

    If my opinion makes me a prick in your eyes then so be it.


  5. This Is a msg to jack thompson
    im from oshawa ontario… if u show ur ugly face here me n my buddys (who dont play video games) WILL KICK ur fuckin face in… we all hate u go crawl in a hole and die… its the wars we have had…that make are youth violent not the video games… leave it alone ok? and gta 4 i played that for 3 days str8 cuz i rented it got to 51% sadly i didnt have a hard drive but anyway ummm im quite fine i havnt went thru my school n blew sombodys head of with my AK47…or handgun… havnt ran over any woman of the streets with my car… there are 1 in 3 billion that are violent because of video games and they are under 17 which is CLEARLY posted alover the front and back of the box… so let this be a warning to u mr jackass…. STAY OUT OF CANADA… or its personal.

  6. “QUOTE”Lost Dog
    on October 25, 2008 9:03 pm
    No offense, but the writer of this article is a prick. Thompson is offering his input (which is fairly accurate, even though he is a joke), and his involvement should not be the driving force of this piece.

    All efforts involved in finding this kid should be applauded.

    Interesting how you folks are so quick to indict the parents. You know nothing of the background and yet still rush to judgement. Amazing…”QUOTE”

    he hates video games he claims people that play them have no lives… ummm i have a girl friend who i see often i still go to school see friends and play at least 10 hrs a week…. somtimes longer on holidays… yea violent games (halo3 rainbow six vegas 2…the orange box…he’s guna start saying NHL2k9 is violent cuz the glass breaks when the puke hits it…

  7. Chad,

    Sorry. May have jumped gone over the top on the prick comment. I just have a hard time getting all over someone who offered his support in helping find the missing kid.

    I understand Mr. Thompson is a self-righteous, self-serving d-bag, but the issue at hand was this kid who disappeared seemingly over a dispute about video games, which, I’m sure you’ll admit, is taking things too far.

    And although I can’t tolerate 99% of his garbage rhetoric, Thompson is correct in saying that some kids are not emotionally equipped to be able to handle the sudden loss of something they spend a major portion of their life with.

    The story is sad and unfortunate all the way around.

  8. some children arnt emotionally eqquipped to play video games that have violence… sex… drugs… but that shouldnt mean every body on earth has to give them up because some kid had a mental breakdown n ran away/killed/sucide… we need to forget about them…movies…are WAY more violent than video games… (they say the reason is cuz we can be the person doing it) i say it helps :) u know somtimes when u REALLY wana hurt somthing or somone… play a COD game shooting game fighting game… it will calm u down… i do not agree if ESRB rating is pushing thru games so thay can sell them… buy u know what i love playing the gta collection there a very entertaining story game… good online the dude doesnt wana help get the kid back he wants to blame somthing els on video games… and parents should be limiting time spent on video games…i play as much as i can i still have a life outside n if that fuckin prick says people who play have no life ummm lets see the DS (nintendo) make edu games that are math n stuff ummm?? no life… right mr jack thompson keep ur bizz out of canada… n make a comment like that again n i’ll sue u 30 times…. lol btw it was music that gave me a bad mouth :) not all the fuck u’s n shit in gta4…. the games need to be looked at more by parents if i had a child i would let them play gta4 etc… but what parents need to start doing is watch the kid better if there grades slip they get suspended TAKE THE FUCKING THING AWAY… that show them its not acceptable… or if ur that worrie get them a fucking thick gray gameboy n tetris n then u can sue the othere kids that beat the shit outa the poor kid cuz they think hes a loser….this is very personal because video games are a source of relife from life… AND its important for parents to make sure there kids arnt being bullied in school… that can lead to addiction of drugs video games etc. if they never go out… tell them bring them up on it…. im 17 n id be a better parent by follow thoes rules… the ESRB rating is nothing more than a label… rent the game play it with ur kid… if u dont like it tell them u think this is to harsh for them… n as my buddy said in a video on youtube… the people that take a ak47 to school n blow kids heads off are being bullied… parents bullie them / (sorry if u were) Raped by a parent/person… so its usualy revenge
    and u know what… WE ARE PROGRAMED TO KILL… cave men were beating each otheres heads in… watch fuckin animal planet movies… fighting is in us…AND the wars we been thru DO NOT HELP are kids see us as fighting machines blowing up shit in iraq… yo jack thompson y dont u fight for somthing fight to make the US stop making bombs that could blow us up like 50 times over…. how bout that??? ur probly just so pissed off cuz u went to a store to get gta AND IT WAS SOLD OUT… lots off people say this to u GET LAID… it helps… n gta4 sexualizing teens… dude i know a girl thats fuckin 12 when she had sex… its the news movies n music… u know theres a shoe call CFM’s u know what that means (probly not) stands for COME FUCK ME… teen girls wear them all the time.. never played a video game in there life (oh n heres for if u try n say its because the guy played it) dude its in are blood to have sex… u wouldnt be here right now if ur mommy n daddy didnt have sex… u sir do not have a life u run around chasing fuckin firetrucks n police cars…(forgot somthing up there INTERNET PORN… SHUT THEM DOWN U DUMB ASS… thats the easiest way to get sexulized…oh i saw some pixles… oh good ol gta4 hookers…i love running them over after :) beating there head in with a basball bat see i couldnt do that in real life… rob somone its fun… in the video game… and u said somthing about ummm them showing the character sucking niko off? umm were i wana see that i never saw that part… n umm ur a hipo… how do u know about this if u never played it?… YEA MOTHER FUCKER THERE U GO… there is no sex parts showing in GTA4 and STOP going after companys cuz some fucking retard made a mod… SUE THE MODDER… oh wait u cant :) thats y…