I recently interviewed Metacrtic founder, Marc Doyle, about what many were calling a suspiciously low LittleBigPlanet user score of 6.3 on his site. Those unfamiliar with Metacritic need only to know that it aggregates the scores given by critics on various websites around the web into one “metascore” and also allows users to submit their own scores which are aggregated into a separate user score.

The total amount of users who had submitted a score for LBP at the time of my article was upwards of 2,200 and the result apparently motivated a group PlayStation 3 fanboys to retaliate. The current user score for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Gears of War 2, is a laughable 4.1 comprised of roughly 375 submissions.

Marc’s comment regarding the LBP controversy is applicable once again:

“Over the years, people have, by and large, not exploited the fact that you can vote early. Only recently have people started voting en masse for (and against) games like they’ve done with LBP.”

It seems that fanboys on both sides will continue to disregard the negative effect they have on individuals who actually depend on the user scores given by those they deem to be their peers. Marc spoke breify about the future of Metacritic, stating that they plan to include a more thorough registration process in hopes of reducing the fanboy effect. In the mean time, I think we could all benefit from a little more self restraint.


  1. Interesting to hear a hunk of metal is sucking ‘fat dick’. When its merely plastic, metal and circuits, and was built to ‘possibly’ be a gaming console. Last I checked, the Xbox 360 wasn’t a futuristic sex-android either.


  2. I’m sure that’d be Playstation 4-8.

    First….Gaming console
    Second…. Gaming console and DVD Player
    Third….Gaming console and multimedia hugeass machine of nearly everything entertainment wise…

    I don’t see how this theory is farfetched, if Sony keeps stretching its legs, it’s bound to go somewhere!!

  3. a large portion of gamers are immature and ill admit im immature but i dont care. If i have fun thats all that matters- being a fanboy and commenting here isnt fulltime work- its quite easy being a fanboy- just say some annoying things. why do people think being a fanboy means cutting out everything else in life. whatever i say i never get too worked up but you people have the need to reply to me. I have everything i want in life an im 18. btw xbox does suck fat dik i put mine in it. HAHAHAH

  4. I love it when Sony fanbots say that people who don't have one or trash the PS3 are just "poor people who can't get one". Ever stop and think of how stupid that sounds? Probably not, which wouldn't be surprising, but just try it once in awhile. Maybe people that don't have one just simply DON'T want one.

    Plenty of kid fanboys on both sides, not just the 360. I've encountered plenty of 10 year olds that think they are cool on the PS3 just as much as the 360. And I mute them instantly :D