You know how you always say that you want developers to try new things? Be creative. Live on the edge. Show you stuff you’ve never seen before. Yea? Well, you’re full a shit.

You don’t want that — you want to feel at home, comfortable, and in command — and you’re not the only one. Many residents of the Azeroth, in the popular MMO World of Warcraft, are not the least bit amused by Blizzard’s attempt to transition into the Lich King expansion.

A simple sign on was all it took for me to feel like I’d been transported to a war torn section of Beirut. Seared flesh, battered bones, and suicidal exploding mad men running in my direction. What the hell’s going on you ask? Well, in the process of preparing gamers for Northrend, Arathas, and his massive scourge army, Blizzard designers decided to unleash a plague of undead zombies on their achievement happy community.

Crates, placed throughout the world, containing contaminated insects were opened by curious gamers. In a matter of moments, the infected individuals transformed into zombies capable of zombifiying others at will. Brain biters lurking around every corner may sound like the perfect compliment for Halloween at first, but listening to the complaints of several frustrated players may change your mind.

I hate this event. I hate this event so desperately that I’m having to talk myself out of canceling my account until it’s over. The game is becoming unplayable. Important NPCs like auctioneers, bankers, innkeepers and questgivers are almost always dead before I can use them … can’t go to major cities because I’ll get attacked by other players (and I’m on a PvE server for a reason). I can’t do dailies because most of the NPCs are permanently dead. – Saboruto

I’m frustrated beyond belief. I cannot understand why Blizz didn’t make this a voluntary event on PvE servers. Wherever I go into a city, I can count on being infected, becoming a zombie, and dying… just so that I can respawn, come back, and pay to have my gear repaired. – Nefetyra

The entire event should be optional…if you’re not flagged pvp then you should not be able to be zombied. Furthermore, if you do get infected, it should be a player removable debuff. – Balduun

I have never ever before considered canceling my subscription.. have loved everything about it.. but now.. well.. I am seriously considering [canceling] my pre-order for the expansion and going to other worlds for my fun.– Bridee

The root of the problem is not necessarily the content itself, rather the mindset of the individuals abusing it. However, it’s common knowledge at this point (thanks to games like GTA) that if you give gamers the ability to do something evil, they most likely will. In that regard, Blizzard must shoulder some of the blame.

One moderator on the game’s official forum shared the following with irate members:

We do appreciate the feedback; if threads are being deleted, it’s because the moderators are trying to keep things consolidated and constructive, not because they seek to stifle dissenters.

As I have stated, if this was planned to last any longer than it is, we would have been a great deal more leery of the wide-reaching effects of the plague. This has been anticipated; I respect the concept that some people dislike it and we’ll certainly take that into account, but this was an event meant to impact players in all walks of life and routines. I am in no way stating it was perfect, and should we do something like this again the feedback both for and against will be taken into account when changes are made, particularly pertaining to lower level players. This event absolutely was meant to shake up the status quo of the average WoW day, and in that it’s been successful.

It will still continue as planned, but for those of you less than fond of the plague, you don’t have much longer to wait.

Afterthought: What do you think? Are you a fan of events that mix PVP with PVE or do you think Blizzard made a mistake by making this content unavoidable?



  1. Sounds like some over-dramatized whiners …

    “NPCs like auctioneers, bankers, innkeepers and questgivers are almost always dead before I can use them”

    Strange, the plague takes 10! minutes to transform anyone into a zombie. The Healers are placed nearly everywhere. The NPC will respawn in 5 minutes after being transformed. Then it takes at least another 10 minutes for them to be dead again. That is 5 out of 15 minutes if they are constantly infected. 5 out of 15 is NOT “almost always”

    Quite contrary players complain that the “plague” is to easy to shake off.

  2. This is a very big case of the Vocal Minority.

    The -only- players that are complaining, are low level characters, and bored 70’s trying to level low level characters.

    Everyone else is actually enjoying the content, and don’t feel the need to whine about it, or for that matter, make a new thread every two seconds to say how great it is.

    Definitely a silly story to run, as now this will all blow out of proportion, and those whining level 23 characters will be ruining the content for the people it was actually intended for.

  3. These two people quite clearly don’t play the game. Otherwise they would know that it takes 1 minute to become a zombie! They clearly don’t see some ‘dick’ lvl 70 standing behind the healer, killing him every time he respawns, what sense is this for the game??

    Enjoying the content? Haa haa, you mean constantly being killed everytime you respawn. Oh, it’s a laugh a minute when your trying to put stuff on the auction house and the auctioneer is killed repeatedly. I haven’t managed to sell ‘jack all’because some dick zombie infects me.

    Fun, this is not and I wont be signing back on until this is all over.

  4. The problem is that people ie little kids, love to turn themselves into zombies on purpose and go arond killing the npc. It is quite annoying. I myself stop playing last night cus i couldnt interact with any npc do to the annoyance of kids going around killing the npc on purpose.

  5. OH and langara i dont know what server you play on.. i play on bdf and it does not take 10 minutes to turn into a a zombie it takes 2 minutes from when you are infected and to cure the disease is quite hard .. it took me on my priest about 20 times spamming the disease button over and over and over to actually get rid of a disease and last night the npc were dieing instantly.. so i don’t know where you get your info from beacuse it was impossible to get anything done with people constantly coming into the auction house and just spreading the disease. The most annoying part of all is been on shatt and unable to fly anywhere because the fly master npc died and it did not spawn in 5 minutes because i was there waiting for 20 and i had to end up running to telredor and he had a priest npc behind him! so the priest npc that are “supposed” to cure you instantly they dont. Like i said on my previous post its quite annoying!

  6. This plague debuff is player dispellable, you just need to try a few times. And there are a numerous Argent Dawn disease cleansers everywhere. AH people and bankers respawn turbo fast, so I don’t see the big deal.

  7. I just wanted to say that I am NOT a WoW player. However, reading about this has actually made me WANT to pick up WoW because this sounds so freakin fun! I mean seriously, the only people getting upset are the freaks who take this game way too seriously. “Oh waaaaaah I can’t use the auction house” or “Waaaaaah I want to do quests.” If you take the game so seriously that not being able to buy/sell pretend goods or go on pretend quests bothers you, you need to do something actually productive with your life.

  8. You guys don’t get it do you.
    People have played for years, and have gone through quite a bit of Blizzard’s learning pains.

    Blizzard is violating thier own Terms of service.
    They should be sued.

    People don’t like this and are begining to vote with thier feet (those that actually have to pay for this service). Your mommys and daddys aside.

    Thank Bliz for ruining a great game. I don’t care how “temp” it is, it sucks.

  9. I love the zombie thing. I try my best to stay human during the whole thing and only became a zombie twice and killed by zombies a few more times. My favorite and most annoying was in Southshore. I logged into my account. Popped into the Tavern and standing in the middle of the room was a single zombie surrounded by dead NPC’s. I killed the zombie (player) quickly and swaggered to the exit. I took one step outside and realized that the whole town was zombies…all standing around not moving. They ALL made a grunt at the same time and started running for me. I ran back into the tavern, up the stairs and hid behind the remaining NPC’s and watched as the zombies tore them up and then finally killed me. It was actually kind of scary and fun…kinda like being in a zombie movie as the lead character. As long as this ends at Halloween I’m fine with it. If it continues till the middle of November I’ll be really sick of it.

  10. Couple of things. I had infection timers under a minute yesterday, not 2 min and certainly not 10. Second, healers and NPC’s are not on quick respawn timers so you were waiting quite a while sometimes.

    That being said, yeah the zombies are a pain in the ass sometimes but it really is a neat event. Everyone is involved in it, having shambling hordes of player controlled zombies wandering the lands ties in perfectly with halloween. Going to town isn’t a safe area anymore and adds a bit of suspense and excitement when trying to do something simple as going to the bank. I encourage these types of things in an online world such as WoW. I just hope it doesn’t last too long though, lol.

  11. logged in last night and TB was full of zombies, it was fun for a bit just running around and eating people. got bored and hearthed out, not a problem.

    i think blizzard should create a new class in the next expac specifically for people who want to moan, you could have an attack that doesn’t hurt certain classes but instead posts angry rants about class balance on the official forums.

  12. It’s not a damn problem that the NPC’s are getting killed!! It is BY DESIGN. You can go somewhere else – the world is huge, they can not and they are not getting killed all over all the time.

    Its just kids who refuse to adapt to a changing world.

  13. Okay, I play the game and I’m currently level 66. Zombies are an interesting thing, yes. My problem is that you can’t simply take off to another town for say, auction houses or such. If you’re a class like, say, rogue (what I am), then you’re stuck walking or using your mount to get to the next town. I don’t mean small town either, I mean the next MAJOR city. This doesn’t work too well. Secondly, logging in and being a zombie…not fun either. Thirdly, the durability loss when you die as a zombie isn’t fun either. Having dead quest givers, Auctioneers, bankers, etc. is extremely annoying as well, and is a huge deterrent for the lower levels. I have a friend currently trying to get his way up to my level and is only level 11. It makes things incredibly difficult for him. While I love the innovation, I do wish that they’d have thought it through a lot better before doing something so controversial.

  14. I Applaud Blizzard at their attempt to recreate the feel of the Similar event in Warcraft 3 on a broader spectrum like World of Warcraft. For fans of the Warcraft series who have played Warcraft 3, this is a very refreashing feel from the regular politics and idiocracy that already plagued the game.

    I hate how people get so mad about this, it’s just a bunch of 0s and 1s that is designed to bring the Warcraft Lore to life in a way previously unimaginable. This isn’t some game where the whole point is to do your dailies and whore the auction house, if it was then it wouldn’t be called World of Warcraft. If you really don’t want to participate in the event you can always so to a less populated city, such as Exodar for Alliance; or Thunder Bluff, or The Blood Elf Capital for the horde.

    This is exactly what Blizzard said they were going to do when the stated that they were going to make players feel like Arthas is a threat right from the beginning.

    With it being just a video game, I think people are over reacting, it’s about having fun and experiencing new things, not being a zombie that stares in front of a computer and does his dailies and checks the auction house as a constant routine. So in a Final Note, quit bitching, maybe read up on some Lore and try to appreciate what Blizzard is doing, either that or Uninstall the game and go play something else, you really won’t be missed.

  15. I don’t know, Justin. I wouldn’t consider this event self-destructive. And what other things has Blizzard done in the past to “hate their players and fan base?”

  16. I am a WOW player on Blade’s edge. The plague content is not horrible like previously stated by other people who have commented before me. The plague is merely meant to shake things up like they said and escape the “Norm” of what is World of Warcraft. If a city or town is infested with zombies. Go to Ironforge, Stormwind, or somewhere else and settle your business there. Booty bay has an auction house if you need to sell things. I have only seen ONE zombie there at the very most and he got beat down by the NPCs and a level 70 quickly.

    The fact is. World of Warcraft is a game meant for entertainment and enjoyment. So lighten up. There is always an alternate place that you can go to settle your business. Majority of the time I am able to go about my business in World of Warcraft without any of the bander that these complainers are talking about.

    Blizzard did not violate the terms of conditions like previously stated and Im pretty sure no one has even read them!!! I bet everyone here when the screen pops up when your installing the game. Just scrolls all the way down so the “ACCEPT” button at the bottom of the screen right next to the “Decline” button will light up so you can begin playing. Am i right? If someone says otherwise that they do read it. The obviously you have too much time on your hands and that is why you take World of Warcraft so seriously that a simple change to “stir” things up in the game will make you get mad.

    Then you need to go outside and pick up a hobby like weightlifting or atleast jogging to stay in shape before you turn into Cartmen, from southpark, in the WOW episode they made. If you cant handle that because your not the least bit athletic then hey… you can do YOGA with your girlfriend or atleast go pick up COD5 or Battlefield:bad company just to give you some break from a game that is sucking your life away since your taking it so dang seriously.

    Thats my simple advice and outake from..

    -The gamer stereotype killer. Dont just play games…play sports.

  17. was minding my own buisness lvling an alt in westfall and turned around to see 10-15 zombies coming for me, needless to say i died. the quest givers where almost always dead and all i wanted to do was level. so i log onto my 70 lock and head to westfall to kill the b’stards impeeding my lvling only to recieve angry /w saying “wtf did i do to you?””stop killing us”. why?, they chose to play pvp, i myself had it forced upon me. not bad for a PVE server eh?. and to top it off, kiling zombies (even the NPC ones) flags you for PvP so after 25 mins getting rid of the players and zombie npc’s so i can lvl, along comes 4-5 horde 70’s — good idea blizz, executed badly imho, you should have let us opt out

  18. I really enjoyed bitching about those running around spreading the plague.

    I dont have any level 70 characters and was trying to raise a 25 level at the time, and this event was not geared for me. I was at a very goal-oriented stage in my gaming and not really ready for a change. Many I know are trying very hard to reach 70 before Lich King hits the stores, and I think that added to the frustrations. And, as someone wrote above, I play on a PVE server for a reason.

    I actually was infected only once (being a Shaman I could cure myself) but found raising funds for my first mount to be more difficult. It wasn’t only that the NPCs were gone, but that no-one was trading low-level things.

    Another problem I had with it was that I play this game to escape the Real World…and this was waaay to close to reality. The economy was failing in both places, we had suicide bombers…

    However, and this is the funny part, in the end I am glad Blizzard did it. I actually did have fun thinking of work-arounds. If it had lasted longer, I think I would have lost patience.