Prince of Persia games have a history of being an all-around awesome gaming experience (unless you happen to be playing on PSP). So it’s not surprising that the music also excels in quality. A mix of traditional eastern instruments with a dash of the all-time American favorite electric guitar and some orchestral flair gives you a quality of music normally associated with blockbuster movies. So it’s no surprise that some familiar names are returning to the series to bring us a soundtrack for the new game that Ubisoft boasts will be “a compelling and epic original score.” You hear that? It’s gonna be freaking epic!

The magicians behind the previous few Prince of Persia games, Inon Zur (Two Thrones and Warrior Within) and Stuart Chatwood (Sands of Time, Two Thrones, and Warrior Within) are once again joining forces to create a musical experience that will hopefully lend itself well to the tone and gameplay of Prince of Persia.

“Inon’s music underlines sumptuously the dramatic and the cinematic
qualities of the story,” said Simon Landry, Music Supervisor for
Prince of Persia. “Bringing together, in a video game perspective,
tragedy, humor, violent confrontations, romance and moral dilemmas is
a huge challenge but the new Prince of Persia soundtrack makes it
happen, reaching new artistic heights and emotional depth.”

Boasting many instruments will silly names such as Santoors, Sarods, Sitar, Zournas, and Tamboura, the soundtrack for this game looks like it’s in good hands. One of the many games this season that I’m sure many are salivating over hungrily. Om nom noms begin December 2, 2008.