Hoverit Ltd, a UK-based design company, recently announced their new levitating lounge chair. Yeah, I know it’s a tongue twister, but say it slowly. Levitating. Lounge chair. Sexy.

However dear reader, before you question the validity of the (roughly) $9,620 price tag, consider this:

The chair floats.

How many times have you, the hardcore gamer that you are, gotten a back pain from sitting in a grounded (as in, you know… on the ground) chair? Couch to floor is so last week.

So how does this beast of a chair do what it does? Straight from the mouth of Hoverit themselves:

“Defying gravity with the use of repelling magnetic forces in both the bed and base, this contemporary lounger is comfortable, practical and stylish.”

Well, I wouldn’t really call it “practical,” but whatever.

One question though: What if someone like me was using a laptop while sitting in the chair?

Hard drive failure due to chair failure, that’s for sure. Can’t trust those crazy magnets.

Source: Reuters

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