Leave it to CliffyB to raise the bar. Some of us here at Ripten certainly see Gears of War’s world as more than a mere backdrop for chainsaw duels and Mountain Dew-fueled testosterone fests.

But would we go as far as this? That photo pictured above – of Dom, Marcus Fenix’ right hand bro, and his girl – the subject of much melancholy in the ad campaign and supposedly the focal point of Dom’s story in Gears 2? You can own it for yourself – it comes with the Limited Edition of the game. CliffyB has his own, and he keeps it close at all times, more so than you’d imagine.:

“I keep it in my wallet,” Bleszinski told EDGE to their surprise. It’s good to know he’s that invested in his characters’ stories…

Personally I really don’t give a hoot about Dom’s sob story, but I know that game developers, no matter the game, must obviously take the worlds they create very seriously. Few of them, I imagine, carry them in their wallets.