For those who have pre-ordered Valve’s much-anticipated zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, the demo was released earlier today, for both PC and 360. Don’t worry if you haven’t pre-ordered; the demo releases for everyone on the 11th November, and the full game on the 18th.

I’ve been playing it as much as I can since it was released, but it seems to be going through some teething troubles right now, at least on the PC version. It seems the server files weren’t provided far enough in advance and they can’t keep up with the huge demand- it’s very difficult to find a game online at the moment, and when I have managed to, it has been plagued by lag. Valve are reported to be fixing the issue as fast as possible. Despite this, the single player portion of the demo is still fantastic, and the fact that it will never play out the same way twice means that the demo should easily last until the full game releases on the 18th.

[Update] Left4Dead411 reports that you can now use a server browser by typing “openserverbrowser” into the dev console. This solves the issues with finding dedicated servers.