Many gamers only give games two hours at the most to impress them.  If a game can’t hook a gamer in those first two hours, they’ve lost the majority of gamers.  In that sense, the first two hours are the only ones that matter.

In The First Two Hours we play two similar games for only two hours each and score each game with either a “Ten” if the game thrilled us, or a “RIP” if the game killed us. Then we declare a winner based on which game used its first two hours to captivate us the most.

Today’s fight is the battle of the holiday season.  PS3 vs. Xbox 360.  Resistance 2 vs. Gears of War 2.  Which single player campaign comes out faster, harder and stronger?  And more importantly, which one used its first two hours to hook us the most?

Story: It’s the 1950’s. An alien invasion has swept through Europe annihilating everything. Now the Invasion has hit America.  As the sole survivor of your unit, it’s time to show them why Freedom and Apple Pie deserve capital letters.

Always a New Enemy To Put Holes In
One of the criticisms of the first Resistance was the lack of enemy variety, and Insomniac corrects that right out of the gate in Resistance 2.   Within the first two hours you see enemies that inspire awe like the massive walker in the first level and some that are legitimately creepy like the seemingly invulnerable, swimming chimera as it glides past your feet.  You’re always fighting something new and always getting new weapons to kill it with.

Halo 3 meets Call of Duty 4…
Resistance 2 may have the best pistol in gaming and you get it right away.  It’s a Magnum that has remotely detonated, highly explosive bullets.  You can embed a round into a Chimera’s skull and hit R2 to take out his buddy with the explosion.

You always feel the tension of battle, like you’re in a huge firefight being shot at by 20 enemies, returning fire with human weapons that have a very satisfying Call of Duty 4-like pop to them.  In many ways, Resistance 2 feels like you’re fighting slightly uglier Halo 3 aliens with the slightly modified weapons of COD4.

Scripted Moments That Come To Hurt You
The computer will take over the first person view for certain key moments, guiding you through scripted sequences, usually when all hell’s about to break loose.  If you’re a cutscene skipper, listen up: Resistance 2 uses it as a way to draw your attention to something colossal, which produces those “oh snap!” moments that really make games.

1. How Dead Am I?!
It’s a bit difficult to read Resistance 2’s damage indicator.  You know how Gears’ red skull will get redder and redder, letting you know how close you are to death? Resistance’s damage indicator is more subtle, leading to comments like, “I am a little bit dead, or a lot bit dead?”

2.  Don’t Hate the Aliens
Resistance could have done more right out of the gate to get players emotionally involved in the battle against the Chimera.  Sure, they’re ugly but they’re not hate inspiring like they could have been if some early story elements were implemented.  How about the chimera take out the statue of liberty or Mt. Rushmore?  I would have settled for one flicking off the Liberty Bell.

3.  It Doesn’t Feel Like 1951
Many of the human weapons and the equipment doesn’t look like its from the 1950’s, it looks modern.  There’s just nothing but an occasional radio broadcast that indicates that you’re in the middle of the 20th century.  Insomniac could have deepened the experience with a little more nostalgia in the first two hours.

Resistance’s first two hours have great pacing, big bosses, surprising cinematics and satisfying combat, which all make it an edge of your seat experience, but I wish I was more attached to the story and emotionally involved with the central conflict in the game.

Story: Marcus Fenix and his bunch o’ badasses take the fight to the locusts with new weapons, characters, a new story writer and a new unreal engine.  As the Last Day ad says, “you already know how this will end,” but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun getting there.  Especially in the first two hours.

1.  “Wow I actually care about these people…”
From the first couple lines spoken, It’s obvious that the script is stronger and more character driven than the previous Gears game.  Dom and Marcus seem to have real friendship and respect for each other as they grunt their lines through a really important, character driven tutorial that i would not recommend skipping.  Marcus and Dom seem different from each other this time, Marcus being the war hardened leader, Dom the more human and identifiable one.

New characters, like the spiritual Tai, are unique and instantly likable.  It’s easy to get invested and care about what happens to them and early cutscenes make you feel like you are part of something epic, that you can’t lose or humanity will die with you.

2.  Bigger, Better, More Brumaked
Epic’s mission statement for Gears 2 was “bigger, better and more badassed.”  In the first Gears of War you ran away from Brumacks.  In the first two hours of Gears of War 2, I destroyed 3.

The new Locust semi-auto rifle is fun, kind of like a split between the Lancer and the Sniper rifle, and the grenades are way more relevant this time around, more powerful, more situations where they seem like the right choice and more satisfying when you see those locust chunks fly.

3.  Polish
Polish shows you how much a developer cares about their project, and Gears 2 is polished up like a classic muscle car.  It’s just little things like the fact that Marcus turns his head in the direction of the person he’s addressing and the notifications you get as you progress towards an achievement.  It’s like 15 mini achievements on your way to the big one.  Slick, Cliffy B, Slick.

Unreally Slow
The new Unreal engine still loads textures slowly.  Moving Marcus around felt somewhat slow and clunky sometimes compared to my time in Resistance 2.

Are you Scrapbooking, Marcus?
I like the emphasis on collecting cogs and documents to put into your war journal, but I felt like the searching for these items messed with the pace and intensity of the game.  I wish they could have been implemented a little more with the game rather than feeling tangential from it.

A Glitch as Ugly as Locusts
I found a glitch right before the two hour mark.  I was tasked with killing a group of mortar wielding locusts, which did, but the game did not register it.  Therefore the horde kept coming and I wasn’t let out of the loop until my welcomed death came.  Uncharacteristic of Gears, i know, but it happened.

Gears of War 2’s first two hours are better than Gears of War 1’s.  More engrossing, more streamlined, more intense.

Gears of War 2

If this was a UFC fight, Gears of War 2 would win The First Two Hour fight by split decision. They’re both wonderful games, and I think that Resistance’s gameplay may be tighter and overall more visceral, but  Gears of War 2’s engrossing story, captivating characters and its ability to make you feel vital, that you can’t lose to the locusts, is what makes its first two hours more successful and gives it the win by a narrow margin.



    Why can’t you say both games are great and be done with it? What’s with the bloody R2 hate already?

    It’s bloody annoying.

  2. I agree, these comparison’s are getting on everyone’s nerves. Unless you wanna get accepted by the more intellectual gamers that surf the net. Giving in to fanboy-material will only deem your readers into thinking that Kotaku and Ripten are passing on hit-notes to each other.

  3. I don’t see how he is being biased. He is just stating which one he enjoyed more. I am a ps3 owner, I am a huge sony fan and i am not fussed on xbox. However you boys come across as fanboys yourselves when you criticise him for stating his opinion, when it does not support your own choice. i think it was a very fair story, keep up the good work.

  4. to me gears wins hands down. its gfx is extremely better and consistent compared to resistance where some of the textures are pathetic. they only focused the eye-candy on places where players pass by. if you happen to wander off you’ll see that there’s not much there texture wise. the story, pacing, characterization, co-op, weapon executions, level design and the AI is infinitely better. gears 2 is just so good and it “executes” resistance like a worthless locust. the only bug that showed up several times when i played gears 2 is on the locust boat while fighting the water creature. after the chainsaw animation my character got stuck and got raped. on the 3rd time it happened however i figured out how to get unstuck by rolling either left or right ONLY. rolling fwd or backwards didn’t help. other than this i never encountered any major bug whatsoever. there were clipping issues still but very very minimal compared to gears1 and the texture pop-in still exist too but it happens fast

  5. @ Hagesy

    It’s annoying that’s why. They’re both different games with different goals. It’s like comparing Warhawk to COD4.

  6. I respect oyur choice and have no complaints.
    I will however add my own, I have both games and actually bought a 360 because of Gears 2. I love the campaign for both games but R2 does it for me. The pacing the weapons the locations.

    Gears is great, but I find myself playing R2 more. I’m not a huge graphics whore, I prefer gameplay anyday. Both games are extremely improved in control and visuals and both have there “oh snap” moments.

  7. @ moonkins,

    He is not hating on R2. He is saying that both are great however his opinion is that Gears 2 has a slight edge. I think you are being a little over dramatic.

    @ Faizow,

    If you don’t like our content the button in the upper right corner (looks like an X) will solve your problem.

    In general, the cry babies need to go take a nap. Jon isn’t saying he hates Resistance 2.

    The goal of this column is to compare games on a thumbs up/thumbs down basis. The idea is to give people insight into which titles go from 0-60 in terms of entertainement the fastest. This example just so happens to compare two really great games.

    If you can’t bare to take your fanboy glasses off when reading you are better served visiting a site that better caters to your skewed perspective.


  8. Does he want cheese with his wine? Some hasn’t been in the 50’s an last time I check the game is more fantasy then beside on a true story…retard!!! as for destroying things like Liberty bell, won’t happen because they have to get the ok for things like that and does anyone remember the last Resistance game getting in trouble for the church? so yeah.

  9. I’m looking forward to playing both games. but, I bought resistance 2 first because well….I’m an FPS whore and the game really feel good to play. balanced weapons, great story, sane controller scheme. love shaking the sixaxis/DS3 for melee. (I must be getting old but I can never remember which button that melee is mapped to in other games,even when I set it.)
    to me it is just an all around great game and enjoyable from from the first 2 hrs to the last.

    Gears of war 2 I am looking forward to as well, I really enjoyed the first game (with the exception of it being short and those damn pitch black rip offs, the flying eating machines.
    really enjoyed the cover system and cannot wait to see how that has been refined in gears 2. I also like the idea that the story takes place on another world, which, in a way requires more forethought to make the story and characters believable rather than a card board cutout hero that fights a card board cutout antagonists.

  10. I’m not gonna nitpick but you say it has a modern feel to it in R2.Thats because the SRPA has reverse engineered Chimeran technology since thats what SRPA does. R2 does have a terrific campaign and I feltt hat humanity couldnt do a single thing to survive so its good at capturing the player. However the game is really good but doesnt get spectacular till about halfway through the campaign. I’d rather feel like I’m fighting an already lost war then just hating what I’m fighting against.

  11. Um Warhawk and COD4 are completely different games, entirely, comparing Resistance 2 and Gears Of War 2 is a good comparison because they’re both very similar. Shooter check, alien type things, check.

    Besides both games are good for what they are, I played the first Resistance at my friends and loved it, I can’t wait till he gets the second one. And I just bought Gears Of War 2 on Friday night after beating the first. It’s just a good time to be a gamer is all xD

  12. I agree with hagesy. I’m SONY fan aswell (not a fan boy/girl/whatever)but I don’t hate on MS either and I also respect Jonathan’s decision seeing as he wasn’t bashing one game over the other; I also didn’t care to much for the first Gears although the graphics are great. But it just didn’t suck me in. I really liked “Resistance: Fall Of Man” I think it was the old timey jolly ol’ England look it had, it really reminded me of a WW2 flick. But anyways great review Johnathan or John if I can call you that.


  13. @Shendow,

    I don’t think he means blowing up the Liberty Bell literally. His point is that the game didn’t cause him to have as much hate towards the enemies in Resistance 2 as he did towards the enemies in Gears 2.

    Also, your “fantasy” argument makes about as much sense as your retard comment. Both games are rich in Sci-Fi fantasy.

    Saying that one game does a better job of making you hate your adversary does not make the other game terrible. The person most in need of a mouthful of cheese here is you my friend.


  14. Marcus is one ugly mofo
    haha please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’m not dissin Gears either but seriously…

  15. It’s called opinion buddy if you don’t like it don’t read it, and don’t insult it with petty remarks by calling someone who hasnt dont a lick of shit to you an idiot. It just makes you look like a douche, and I’m not defending anyone but I hate it when people try to act big and bad on the internet by insulting others for no apparent reason.

  16. Lol wow, these R2 vs GoW2 debates and bias/unbias arguments are still going on? I dont give a shit anymore to be honest, I found my true love. After playing KZ2 for 15 hours or so now, I can say with 100% confidence that it shits on every other shooter I have played yet. KZ2 > R2/CoD/Halo/GoW, etc.

  17. Yay Chad saves the day. Sorry didn’t mean to get off topic.

    But in all seriousness, I do respect John’s decision, as it IS his own personal review some will and will not agree (obviously) it’s a matter of people’s taste.

  18. “It Doesn’t Feel Like 1951.
    Many of the human weapons and the equipment doesn’t look like its from the 1950’s, it looks modern. There’s just nothing but an occasional radio broadcast that indicates that you’re in the middle of the 20th century. Insomniac could of deepened the experience with a little more nostalgia in the first two hours.”

    = if you played the first Resistance you’ll know that the weapons like the rocket launcher and carbine were created for the purpose of killing aliens. necessity is the mother of invention and the humans capabilities to adapt is what the chimera/alien/whatever fear most and the reason they infect them to then use them against their own race.

    humans needed new weapons to make a resistance against the invading enemies that came with weapons that were technologically more advance so, they created these new gen of weapons and that’s why it feels kinda out of place for the time but it’s well explained… humans adapted to the circumstances like Nathan Hale adapted to the chimera virus.

  19. From what I understand about life, you are actually not allowed to have an opinion on these games unless you actually choose one over the other. Being objective or impartial is not allowed, so people that say “I have both consoles and think both are great,” guess what? Your opinion doesn’t count. I am told that is how the world works these days.

  20. -_- It makes sense, for the fact he said it didn’t look like the guns were for the 50’s, no matter how you put it. This persons weakness for the R2 is notthing more then not understanding the game or common sense.

  21. From what I’ve seen and read previously I think GoW2 will be the best game, I’ve played the first one and Resistance 1 before. Gears have this feeling that I don’t get from playing Resistance. You feel more like you’re really there, Resistance is a good shooter, but it can’t provide the same feel. This is my opinion, please note that. Reviews are all about personal opinions. Game reviews aren’t about right and wrong. If you have a different opinion please say so, BUT, without attacking everyone who sees things differently than you do.

  22. I feel having both makes better to have a opinion on both consoles top titles for the holiday,I personally thought R1 was better(story)than GW1,However I was really happy to play both and pre-order both and played R2 first(2 days)and didn’t get the same feeling from R1,But the Idaho and Chicago parts were the best part about the game in my opinion,But,When getting GW2 I felt way more involved and delta squad felt more like a team then SRPA,Both are 10’s In my book,But online GW2 ALL THE WAY!!!

  23. Though I am a ps3 Fanboy til i die I respect this comparison. Though I haven’t beat the game yet I see what insomniac can improve on with the next game, which is all the Ripten is just stating. It would have been a better game if you could get emotionally attached with either the character or situation. I think insomniac will do it! They will show why this game is better than Halo series!

    But i still dont see why people give it 80’s they just base their reviews on the freakin campaign alone to justify their review. They dont realize that the online is freakin awesome. The game has to be darker and gritter than Gears for it to look better? WTF its the 1950’s its suppose to look clean ^_^. Anyway like R2 over Gears cuz one i’m a fanboy and two the first Gears controls felt weird and it seems like they didn’t fix that =/.

  24. Maybe I´m crazy, but when comparing two games you can´t give both of them 100 and claim one won, after all is a comparission.

    I haven´t played Gears 2 and i dont intend to. Since I´m not buying an xbox for 1 game.

    R2 is pretty fun for me, i still like more warhawk over competitive r2, but i find r2 online coop and cooperative a lot better than limited fights (5vs5) like in gears 1, sure i havent checked gears 2 new modes and i prolly won´t for a long time.

  25. Read the description again. This is the first ‘The First Two Hours’ feature that we’ve done, so no, there are no links to us comparing games like this, but there will be more.

    And both games are not getting 10’s as in a review score. They either get a RIP (as is ‘rest in peace’) because we are burying the game, or they get a Ten. It is a thumbs up/thumbs down scale and is merely a play off of our site’s name.

  26. i think both games are great, but honestly i have to say R2 has much more content than GW2 and the campain is nearly double so long cos the gameplay in R2 is much faster than in GW2.
    Marcus is moving so slow…that makes the campain of GW2 longer.

    both games a 9/10 for me. great titles!

  27. I agree with your opinion, but add online into the mix and R2 will come out as better.

    Not being fanboy here but seriously who cares which has the better graphics. People aren’t going to look closely into graphics if the game looks good enough. And stop talking about bad textures, all i notice is that theres an enemy running in front of me and i got to take him down with my bullseye.

  28. @Faizow

    Here is your “link” — it’s called the second paragraph in the article. You would know that if you actually read it.

    “In The First Two Hours we play two similar games for only two hours each and score each game with either a “Ten” if the game thrilled us, or a “RIP” if the game killed us. Then we declare a winner based on which game used its first two hours to captivate us the most.”

  29. First of all sorry my bad English. I’m russian and let it be my like from aside.
    I like both games I own both games and I have something to say to the world =)
    First of all this review is a product of marketing. I mean this sh!t happens when you repeatedely forced to some advantages you accidentely begin not to notice apparent disadvantages. That happened with Gears 2.
    First of all we have to decide what parameters we are going to judge the games.
    Gears of War was and stays a great game. So the destiny of its sequel must share the same success. So we look at GoW2 as a known to be successfull game. And it is! But it has a huge disadvantages every reviewer in the world skipped to notice.
    First and foremost single compagne of the game is EXTREMELY short. I easily ran thru the game within 5 hours.
    Secondly, graphics of the game were sacrifised to the steadier framerate. First incarnation of this franchise was much better in this terms. You may say about visial effects but sometimes the game is in complete disorder with depth of view. Backgrounds are completely washed out, although the main objects users focus on are rendered wonderfull.
    Thirdly, Epic didnt resolve the problem with texture edges. From the early beggining we can see thin white lines between parts of objects with different textures.
    1080p support was made not so good as I’d like to see it. I preffer to use 720p mode upscaled to 1080p with my Harman/Kardon AV355 receiver with Farouja video chip abourd. It does a better job then MS sh!tty hardware inside XBox360.
    And finaly, GoW2 is just a sequel to orignal GoW. New ideas are limited by a smallest margin of things like finishing heavily wounded locusts or using them as a living shield during skirmishes.
    Any way GoW 2 is a great game. There are a lot of things that makes this game pretty atmosferic and unbelievably deep. They are a voic of Fenix, wonderfull cover system and feeling of partner shoulder. All we love this game for!
    Talking about Resistance 2first I want to say is just it is quite different game to compare it with Gears. I love it too and I love to play it the same I do Gears.
    Res2 has a at least twice longer single gameline.
    Insomiacs made a good job improving visuals of the game. From the early beginning we can see a huge monsterlike Chimeras without a single frameprops etc.
    R2 is atmospheric too but its mood is different comparing it to GoW2. It is more like horror and reminded me War of the Worlds movie with Mel Gibson. Frankly speaking R2 is not entirely a shooter. – it has a lot of arcade elements like jumping or running parts you know what I mean.
    Touching the sounds of the games R2 is obviously winner due the PS3 possibilities. 5-channelled PCM signal sounds much clearer and much more definetive. Music and sounds of R2 are much closer to horror. GoW2 theme sounds like Starship Troopers soundtrack – some kind of documentary military training movie.
    Talking about disadvantges of R2 I may say that I found this game a pretty chaotic. I mean that from the first steps you will get in som unfriendly and harsh surroundings and the game paces extremely fast. That may discourace a new-comer cuz it has no time for initial training or control explainations etc.
    Regarding to comparison I may say that these are 2 game that are too tough to compare. They are just different games of different subgenres. I may not say who is clean winner here.
    At first glance GoW2 does more appeal bu with time R2 begins to grow up in my eyes with a lot of new ideas, mobs etc. GoW2 ends like “to be continued” and disappoints a lot. R2 is just a snowball – the more you play the more you liked it.
    Not clean winner for me here.

  30. @ Chad
    Man continually insulting your readers will not bode well for this website, the person who wrote this artical was voicing his opinion and so are the people in the comments section, i personally agree with gears winning, albeit that i am somewhat of a ps3fanboy, when playing it you really do care for the characters, but in light of some of the comments i think that if the writer of this article actually thought of it as a split decision in the end up then it should stay that way and not favour one, that way all these fanboyish remarks could have been avoided and replaced with comments like “ah, good review, seems likes a tough choice” etc.

  31. Ryan, I don’t think you understand how a split decision works. Split decision occurs when there is no ‘knockout’ and the judges don’t all unanimously agree who the winner was, so the winner is chosen by points instead. This means that Resistance 2 is better than Gears 2 in some ways, but even so, Gears manages to win because it impressed Jonathan more overall than Resistance did.

  32. And I also want to emphasize the point of this article: we are only comparing the first 2 hours of the game to see which one hooks you better. WE ARE NOT DIRECTLY COMPARING THE TWO GAMES AS A WHOLE. All comments talking about multiplayer, length of the campaign, etc. are completely irrelevant. Please actually read what you are commenting on instead of skimming through it and making uneducated statements.

    “we declare a winner based on which game used its first two hours to captivate us the most.”

    Enough said.

  33. @ Chad.

    I read the whole bloody thing. You even quoted the part of the text that makes this whole article invalid just now.

    How are they “similar”? I’ve never ever heard anyone say Resistance and Gears Of War are “similar”. It should be more like “Resistance vs Halo”, or any other comparable game. They are both FPS’s and i can easily jump between both without no learning curve what so ever. THAT in my opinion is similar. But Gears and Resistance, they don’t even feel/play the same. You might aswell compare Fable to WoW just cause they’re both essentially RPG’s as to how Gears and Resistance are both essentially shooters, yet that logic is greatly flawed.

    And drop the attitude aswell, I’m just trying to voice my opinion. See it how you want to see it as, but telling me to press the (X) button just because I said what I was thinking is hardly what I came here for.

    @ Dan.

    I have no problem with the whole comparing thing. I like the idea, I’m not complaining, it just this one doesn’t make sense. It’s also great that you’re doing more, i just though it’d be awkward that only these two games get the special treatment.

  34. i dont know y ppl compare these two games they r totally different one’s a TPS one’s a FPS just cause they r the 2 big exclusives for both consoles doesnt mean that they are similar and i loved both gears 1 and resistance 1 but i only got gears 2 this time arnd cause i’m a third person junkie love TPS’s and will get get resistance l8er as i know i’ll be hooked on gears for a while
    So to each his own
    and i dont like alot of FPS’s but only 2 FPS’s got me hooked from the go resistance and bioshock so thats saying alot abt the both of them

  35. Faiizow (and others),

    I understand that third-person shooters and first-person shooters are not the same thing, but they are both story-based shooters, and we are really only comparing the initial hook of the games. Realistically, comparing the entertainment value of two games and how well they suck you in during the first 2 hours, we can compare BioShock to Grand Theft Auto if we wanted to. Everyone is getting too caught up in the whole ‘genre’ thing and ignoring the point of the article, and unsurprisingly, most of those people are people that simply don’t like the fact that Gears won.


  37. I understand that, but the fact we’re all banging on about the “genre” thing is mainly cause it makes the comparison alot more fairer/understandable on the developers, and on the game. They obviously have to design the scripted moments and the whole “entertaining” feel of them “oh snap” moments with the FPS/TPS view and match it to how the game plays, thus effecting the entertainment value of how well it is received. i.e the FPS view of a 300 foot monster is pretty intimidating as to a TPS view of a monster that is just a bit higher than twice the size of the normal character.

    I’m no complainer usually but if both game’s were FPS’s i wouldn’t be here. But Gears has it’s advantage’s and Resistance has it’s advantages. It’d be nice once in a while to say “They have no excuse now tbh, they’ve failed on that part and there’s nothing you can say since both foundations of the game are exactly the same, so and so did it much better to make it work along with the story”

    I’m off, don’t let me see you compare Mirrors Edge to Prince of Persia next time. *shaking of the fist slowly dies down*

  38. Hey guys, great comments from everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read the article.
    Firstly, I’d like to remind everyone that The First Two Hours comparison are not the full reviews of the games. Look for the full reviews of Gears of war 2 by Chad and Resistance 2 by me later this week.

    @ The Whaler. Love your comments. Always do.
    @David GX, madpuppy : thanks for reading guys, always respect your well thought out opinions.
    @Failzow , thanks for the comments, I’ve really thought about what you said.
    @Renai Kakume and Hegesy: Thanks for thinking it was a fair article guys, that’s what I’m aiming for.
    @ Dylan: SCREW THE LIBERTY BELL! Its not even in good condition.
    Now, I’d like to address the some of the comments:

    As for one of my criticisms of Resistance 2 being t it doesn’t feel like 1951
    I feel I tried to make the point that Insomniac could have used the time period more to their advantage, much like Bioshock did. I was really excited to fight futuristic aliens with archaic weapons, and I don’t think I really got that. I did take into account that the weapons were modernized by studying the alien tech, but that doesn’t account the fact that I think that Insomniac missed a chance to capitalize on the time period they chose.
    That being said, remember that this article has to do with the first two hours of gameplay only. After the first two hours Resistance starts to inject the game with a little more nostalgia, which I REALLY appreciated. I still would have liked a tommy gun or drivin’ a 57 chevy though….

    As to the Validity of Comparing Gears 2 with Resistance 2 based on their similarities
    I think that FPS and TPS are sub-genres of the same genre, and Gears and Resistance are extremely similar in most every regard, therefore worthy of a good comparison.
    If I were to compare gears with another game this holiday season I think I’d be hard pressed to find game more fitting that Resistance 2. Both gears and resistance are somewhat linear shooters, in which you are fighting an unwinnable battle against and unstoppable force with human and inhuman weapons. They’re both creepy action epic blockbuster games. Also both have you taking cover regularly, the walls just seem to be a bit stickier in gears. : )
    The point is: They’re really similar in almost all ways but one game sits the camera behind your back and the other sits the camera behind your eyes. That doesn’t mean that I’m comparing Gone With the Wind with Predator 2. : ) and I don’t think it means a comparison isn’t valid or worth an article.
    I think it really comes down to that, at least the first two hours, these games are both fantastic and it’s hard to except that their would be a loser in such a fight/comparison. But there really isn’t a loser, each games’ first two hours is a stunning success and Insomniac and Epic are two companies in which you can feel good about investing your entertainment dollars.

  39. (davidGX :”Gears > Resistance, easily.” )

    Of course it is easy for you, you are a 360 owner that has contempt for either Sony or the PS3. not that I have a problem with it.whatever lets you sleep at night. I just consider myself fortunate that I can enjoy both games on their own merits without having to be forced to choose.

  40. I own a PS3. I’m a PS3 fanboy also, but I’m not an idiotic one that goes blabbering about things that aren’t true. I have 2 questions for Chad, or whoever is a moderator on ripten.
    1. When I played the beta, (I’m gonna be realistic here), I noticed that online battles were not laggy, but the graphics also weren’t that great. Do you know if that was fixed?
    2. I only own a Ps3 and I absolutely hate the 360 except for some of the games on there. So, do you guys think I should buy a 360 just for Gears of War 2? Because Gears of War has been looking really impressive to me, and I’ve always wanted it.