Left 4 Dead 411 reports that Valve’s much anticipated Left 4 Dead has gone gold, meaning that the game is finally ready to be shipped. Steam users will find that if they have pre-ordered the game, they can pre-load the game ready for it to be played the second it is released on the 18th of November. The game releases in stores on the same day.

In other news, Shacknews has news that Valve have released hi-res versions of the movie posters from each campaign’s loading screen. Fans of the game, and even nostalgic movie poster enthusiasts, will agree that they’re very well designed and add a lot to the game’s cinematics. Outside of the game, they’re simply good desktop material.



  1. Not trying to sound like a downer, but what exactly is so special about this game? Minus zombie killing which isn’t all that interesting to me.

  2. The game is all about the co-op. Playing alone, meh. Playing with 3 of your friends, super win.

    Nogt to mention that it’s a Valve game, and Valve have never made a game that is anything les than excellent.

  3. I had a blast with the demo, I haven’t played a PC fps in a while and I must be getting old. I got motion sickness from the speed and precision of the mouse. regardless, the mouse/kb will allways rule the FPS. I still love me a game of Resistance 2, but if it was on the PC there would be not stopping it.