BBC News reports that a 42-year-old prisoner has escaped from his prison in Western Germany by means of… well, a cardboard box. The Turkish prisoner, at the end of his work shift, hid in a cardboard box and was loaded onto a cargo lorry. From here, he cut the tarpaulin on the truck and jumped out. His wherabouts is still unknown to the German authorities.

That’s right, a cardboard box! Something tells me this was the most inspired escape from prison, ever. I’m sure Solid Snake would be proud of this guy, managing to pull off the funniest method of stealth there is and actually escape from prison while he’s at it! There’s nothing to be promoted about criminals, and this guy needs to be found, but my oh my, he should at least get a pat on the back for services to espionage.

Via Shacknews.


  1. I don’t really think you can spoil a 14 year old movie. But I guess maybe some of the youngins out there have yet to see it. Classic movie!

  2. Possibly the best movie I’ve ever seen, I’d say. That’s why I wouldn’t spoil it: it’s so powerful that I’d feel awful if I ruined it for someone.