I know some fanboys will read the headline and expect this article to totally slam the PS3 and Little Big Planet, and they will likely start posting hateful comments before even reading what this is about. Great. You are only making your fanboyism more apparent and showing the community what a massive dickface you are, so I welcome that.

What this article is actually about is in defense of Little Big Planet (or is it LittleBigPlanet, one word?). You see, a lot of websites (that I won’t mention because they don’t deserve the promotion) have been commenting on Little Big Planet’s sales and making the fantastically brilliant analysis that the game’s delay may have affected its numbers. More specifically, its October sales numbers in particular are not as high as they could have been because the release date was pushed back. Um, no fucking shit, you morons.

While a lot of fanboys and seemingly intelligent people have tried to reason with these websites as to why the sales were as “low” as they were (the patch caused people to be wary of buying it, lots of big releases in October, Sony didn’t advertise it enough, etc.), they all seemed to be missing one obviously logical explanation: it didn’t sell as well as it could have because it was only out for 4 fucking days!

Let me ask you this: do you think Little Big Planet sold less copies in October in 4 days than it would have if it was instead available for 11 days? Um, of course it did. It’s pretty simple logic, isn’t it? In fact, Little Big Planet’s sales of 215,000 units in 4 days was only right behind SOCOM’s sales of 231,000, and that game was available for a full two weeks longer.

Some people assumed Little Big Planet would be an instant million-seller, and some even predicted 5 million units sold. These October numbers now have people making all kinds of excuses. Let’s be real, people. The PS3 has only 17 games that have to date sold over a million copies (Xbox 360 has 47), and GTA4 tops that list with less than 5 million. Obviously, Little Big Planet is not going straight to the top with over 5 million copies sold. That’s just silly.

On the other hand, Little Big Planet’s sales of 215,000 copies in only 4 days puts it on track to sell a million copies fairly easily, a feat which is pretty impressive for a PS3-exclusive new IP (joining Motorstorm, Resistance, Uncharted, and Heavenly Sword). In fact, I would predict that Little Big Planet breaks the million mark by the end of the month, and if Sony decides to pack it in a holiday bundle, you can expect it to pass 2 million by year’s end.

So all these idiots pretending to be analysts need to just stop writing. If you want to talk about sales data, at least be logical about it… or don’t. At least if you keep doing what you’re doing I’ll have plenty of material for my own writing. So, uh, thanks for that… idiots.


  1. Put this way, u sound at least human and someone who speaks with a mature attitude which isnt that easy to find nowadays.

    A side from that i think this artical good but theres like u said to many random blogs out on the net which they believe speak with truth and honesty from games industry when they really have little to no idea on how everything really works. To many kids and some what stupid adults, to make a sad all out war. There was once a time when gamers were united, now there broken into factions hating each other. Were nothing more than pawns at companies disposals.

  2. Dan,
    You’re not really getting my point here so let’s just drop the subject,and yeah,Larry the Cable Guy is not funny!

    Anyways,happy holidays and thanks for supporting LBP =)

  3. You’re right, and it’s a sad state we live in. I worry about what it teaches kids when all this “I hate you because you don’t have the same console as I do” is just an accepted part of life. And as I said before, this kind of bigotry, if tolerated, will only lead to even worse forms of intolerance, and I’m sure is a contributing factor to the kind of hate we hear from kids on Xbox Live.

  4. Allen, I thought your point was that I would be “more professional” if I didn’t use naughty words. While I don’t disagree with you, I’m not trying to be professional and would rather voice my opinion in my own way.

    If that wasn’t your point, then I apologize that still don’t know. But thank you for your comments and happy holidays to you too.

  5. kill-halo, my suggestion to you would be to sell it to one of the rabid fanboys on N4G. But for future reference: ALWAYS RENT FIRST.

  6. Nah not at all,the whole “unprofessional” thing was about branding LBP as lame,and now you came up with a new one which is “I don’t think you have to own a PS3 to be a real gamer” or any other next gen console generally,it’s like saying ” I don’t need Vitamins to have a balanced-diet” ;)

    My point was that I didn’t want my brother to read isults such as “d**khead”,that’s all,the rest of your article is great!

    Anyways,I have to go,cheerz!

  7. Hi Dan. I’ve never posted a comment before but after reading this article and all the following comments I just had to. So, your a 360 fanboy eh. I know you’d rather not debate it and just say, “Looking at the system (PS3) and its problems from the non-clouded eyes of someone that doesn’t need to justify that purchase, I can say that they are doing a lot of things wrong. Though as a journalist in the feild of video games i’m sure you’ve come accross the 360’s fail rate, yes? Not to mention information tied to reasons for failure, correct? I really hope that your eyes are not clouded by this societies capatalistic “nature” in envolving you with games by means of advertisment. That is to say that you are one who games and not one of these dumb persons you speak of. Though that Resistance 2 banner was sick. Also why even mention the 47:17 ratio? That comment was just as “duh” as LBP sales in Oct. especially coming from a person in your position. As an intellectual and a gamer Dan, what more do you need than facts and fun?

  8. [Mr.Landis],seems like you have suffered an avalanche of critters,take cover and count five,they’ll roll down the mountain. :DD

    My opinion is…Nintendo did it,Reggie knew that LBP was a threat to Nintendo after reading a link in N4G named “SAcBoy,tEh NeW MaRIO? Lolz!”,then he planned to spread rumours about Islamic heresy about it to cripple its worldwide launch and ultimately the image of the game,but then got involved in a retarded action plot reminiscent of 1995’s Cristopher Lambert mediocre action film “Hunted”(tm),dying in japan 11/04/08,and is actually replaced by a smiling tanned cyborg.

  9. I said this as soon as NPD was released. It’s funny how people had praised 10 days of sales of Fable 2 with twice the install base in the US, more than twice the time out on shelves with no confusions of delay, and they get 750k for those 10 days, but people bash the 250k or so LBP got? Do the math people. And did anyone who buy the game get it on day one? I had to wait 2 days longer for our Gamestop shipment to get in.

    LittleBigPlanet will sell 1M in North American easily, another $M in Europe, and probably 200k in Japan. Not bad really. Not a Gears type of release, but not even close to a flop.

    I’m just kidding…

    I guess Allen must be pretty clueless about the world around him, Elementary school kids are saying “fuck” all the time these days, gosh dernit, kids these days. Also I’m not quite sure how using the word “lame” makes one unprofessional…

    I don’t own a PS3 but I’ve been interested in Little Big Planet for awhile now, but people really expected it to do well?
    That’s… so damn stupid…
    I mean it certainly hasn’t done bad, but really how could people get their expectations up so high?
    “I like the game, so does my friend. THAT SETTLES IT, THIS GAME IS GOING TO SELL MILLIONS!!!”

  11. What is it with certain ‘journalists’ who feel the need to insult and belittle everyone just to get their opinion across?

    Gears sold over two million in two days and with the hype that the net built around LBP I think it was fair to expect at least 500k in sales over the first couple of days.

    It isn’t doing as well as expected and to say that this is purely down to it being out 4 days is a little naive to be honest.

  12. IM SELLING MY COPY OF LBP ON CRAIGSLIST!!!! BORING, its not for kids or grown ups, so who are this game aimed for? just ps3 fanboys? puke

  13. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. :P

    I like the game regardless. The number of sales doesn’t really affect my opinion of the game.

  14. Good job Dan. You made sense this time. I read this article and was like “Hey this article makes total sense”. Then I saw it was by you and I was like “What the fuck? That butt-tonguing cocktard wrote this?”

    Oh well. Good job.

  15. Allen, I don’t have to have gay sex to know that I don’t want to have gay sex. I think most people would agree with me here. If you are a “can’t knock it till you try it” kind of guy, then more power to you. I’m just not. I appreciate your comments and understand your point of view and looking out for your little brother; however, you must understand that Ripten is not intended to be a site for kids (even though we talk about videogames that kids love), and we will not be changing that anytime soon.

    shyguy, I’m impressed that you could see my blatant 360 fanboyism through all that defending of LittleBigPlanet. Good job.

    Abaddon, you are most likely correct in your conspiracy theory. Nintendo is evil!

    spriggers, I’m glad someone else in the world can see the simple logic behind this article, despite my ranting. Thank you.

    Desperado, thank you for the support, and your insight into the hype machine and fanboy retardedness makes me happy that my friends aren’t like that.

    Gavin, I did not insult or belittle everyone, I insulted and belittled fanboys and stupid “journalists”. I don’t know why any normal person would complain about that. If you want to compare releases, you really should compare a release on PS3 to another release on PS3. Likely every big release on 360 will be higher than PS3, so you can’t compare its relative success by pitting it against a 360 game, especially one as huge as Gears. Besides, the main point was that LBP’s sales were affected by the delay, and it’s only logical to assume it would sell less copies in 4 days than it would in 11 days. I was bitching about how other websites were spinning the numbers and making completely asinine statements.

    kill-halo, good luck with that. I hope you get your money back since you were so unsatisfied, and I’m sure there will be someone out there that wants it.

    Greg, I don’t need a hug, but I will accept one.

    Morisato06, thank you for your support.

    SweetSeka, I’m not sure I remember seeing you comment here before, unless maybe you did so under a different name. Anyhow, it’s nice to know that you can see through my butt-tonguing cocktardedness and read an article for what it’s worth. Congratulations.

  16. I whole-heartedly believe that the sales are low because 2D and quasi 2D Platform games were at their peak of popularity in the 80s. And with me being a veteran gamer of many of the earliest platformers, I am deathly tired of them. No matter how pretty, cute, fun, exciting you make a platform game, you won’t get me to drop my 3D Action, FPS, epic RPGs, etc… Keep in mind, the average gamer is in their upper 20s and lower 30s. And it is my opinion that plenty of them feel the same as I do about LBP to affect sales.

    In other words, I don’t believe Sony got as many Hardcore gamers to turncoat and try LBP as they were hoping for.

  17. While I think that makes a lot of sense and I personally feel pretty similar, everyone I know that has a PS3 is pretty into that game, and most of them have already purchased it. You also have to understand that a lot of those 30-somethings have school-aged children that they could easily use as an excuse to buy the game if they didn’t want to admit an interest in it themselves.

  18. frankly, I purchased LBP but, it is not a game that I am jumping for joy over. I am more of a BF: Bad Company kind of player. don’t get me wrong, the game has an appeal on some levels for me but, overall it is not a game that gives me a rush or relaxes me or even makes me remember the “old” days. If I want to remember the old days I will either buy a genesis with sonic and toejam and earl or I will wait and grab Sonic unleashed.

    blah, bluh,bluh,bluh, blah…..

  19. It’s funny how so many people were going to buy LBP for like hundreds of mulla. I have yet to play this game but it looks fun, and I don’t follow the hype. As a SONY supporter (no I am DEFINITELY not a fanboy) I agree on PS3’s marketing. They over hype they’re system and yes they DO need to step up their game but then again the ps2 was pretty slow to start out as well.

    Anyways….in response to almost everyone who’s attacking Dan. You need to stop he said plain and clear in his article that he wasn’t going to bash the ps3 or LBP and he DIDN’T. Just because he has a 360 and/or prefers the 360 over the ps3, so flippin what? Deal with it that doesn’t make him a fanboy. Seriously is this how every article about a 360 or ps3 is going to be?

    You made a perfect prediction Dan :?

  20. LBP = teh suck

    It was fun for a few days but much like the Wii, definitely nothing I would keep, glad I rented it.

    Sony’s 3rd party games have been under whelming this year to say the least. Socom failed, R2 failed, LBP failed, Motorstorm: PR failed . Hme will fail, should’ve failed last year but they’re delaying the inevitable. Last year was a better year for quality titles like Uncharted and R&C as far as Sony’s 3rd party devs go.

    So much for “year of the playstation 3” claim, lol. But at least all of our games are in 1080P…oh wait ..lol.

  21. This article although very simple to understand due to fanboys has turned very ugly. It is so simple to see Dan was just saying that LittleBigPlanet’s #’s weren’t that high in Oct due to it only being out for 4 days out of the month. I am sure that the month of Nov. will show what kind of #’s LBP can really sell.

    Although I really do believe that basing a games quality or how good it is on how well it sells is a very ignorant thing to do. I mean saying a game sucks when you haven’t played it is wrong but saying something like I am just not interested in the kind of gameplay LBP offers is cool because everyone can have there opinion.

    I have a PS3 and bought LPB and have enjoyed playing it. I found it fun and while it isn’t immersive and doesn’t have realistic graphics. I like it because it’s different and fun.

    It is just too bad Fanboy’s have to do things like I mentioned above. It is a very sad life they must live.

  22. Fanboys (on both sides) here are worse then people who comment on YouTube. If you don’t like what you’re reading then don’t read it. The author cussing isn’t going to kill anyone and if it does then you deserve to die.

    Anyways. good article Mr. Landis

  23. Chris Remo,
    I certainly welcome all comments, good and bad. People are allowed to disagree with me. The world would be a boring place if they didn’t.

    Our commenting rules mainly are intended to discourage hate speech, and combined with “debate intelligently”, our goal is to have a comment section that does not consist of people bashing each other back and forth using racial slurs and providing no actual arguments.

    I understand what you are getting at, but swearing is allowed, though it gets flagged if excessive and must be approved by an editor. Also, calling fanboys “dickheads” isn’t hate speech, it’s justice.

    And thanks for your support, Whaler.

  24. You make a fair point that the October sales figures only included 4 days of sales but 2½ weeks later and the game has already dropped out of the top 20. The November sales figure will obviously be higher than October, but it won’t be anywhere near as high as some people seem to be expecting. For a game that got a lot of hype and received some amazing review scores, I’m sure Media Molecule aren’t exactly over the moon about sales and that doesn’t just go for the US. Sales of the game in the UK and Japan haven’t exactly been stellar either.

    It will reach a million sales no doubt, but a million sales only in America by the end of November? Not a chance. It’s got 2 weeks to sell about 600,000 copies and it’s not going to hit a million in that time at a rate of 40k a week.

  25. hey jackass, just looked at the November NPD Sales numbers.

    1. Gears of War 2 – Xbox 360 – Microsoft – 1.56 million
    2. Call of Duty: World at War – Xbox 360 – Activision – 1.41 million
    3. Wii Play w/ remote – Wii – Nintendo – 796K
    4. Wii Fit – Wii – Nintendo – 697K
    5. Mario Kart – Wii – Nintendo – 637K
    6. Call of Duty: World at War – PS3 – Activision – 597K
    7. Guitar Hero: World Tour – Wii – Activision – 475K
    8. Left 4 Dead – Xbox 360 – EA – 410K
    9. Resistance 2 – PS3 – Sony – 385K
    10. Wii Music – Wii – Nintendo – 297K

    Don’t seem to see Little Big Planet in there at all do you? Jackass

  26. Dear fan,

    NPD is only U.S. sales. LittleBigPlanet is #19 on the list of best selling PS3 games of all time and has sold about a million copies worldwide. It is by no means a flop, but it also probably didn’t sell as well as Sony and the fanboys expected. You know what else I don’t see on that list? Your point.

  27. I agree with Dan but I would have taken the extra step of explaining that there are also less PS3 consoles out there than Wii and 360s, and therefore, obviously, the number of possible customers is fewer than the other two consoles. This would probably be because of the 2 year head start the 360 had, and because the PS3 is targeted to more techy people… why else would they have a partitioning tool and a tool to install another OS?

    I personally own LBP, and I have to admit it is by far the best game I have ever played. Of course, everyone has a different taste, and I cannot speak for everyone, but LBP is a very full game, that if played “correctly”, can provide way more freedom than most other games. The only reason the marketing didn’t go as well as expected was probably because of the delays, patches, and the lack of PS3 owners.

  28. haha OMG, by reading the first paragraph I completley switched off! :D didn’t even want to consider reading the article :D nice one you bald cunt! :D