We reported a few months ago that Sony’s African safari game Afrika had been renamed “Hakuna Matata” in Asia, and now it seems that the Western release will be renamed to “National Geographic: Afrika”. GameZine reports that “National Geographic announced today that they were launching a new games division that would partner with other developers and publishers; including Namco Bandai and more importantly, Sony Computer Entertainment.”

The list of titles set to be included in National Geographic’s lineup included a certain “National Geographic: Afrika”- later confirmed by Sony to be the same Afrika that was released in Japan. After the Western release was called into question earlier this year, it looks like we’ll be taking photos of rhinos on our PlayStations after all.

National Geographic Games Release Schedule

November 2008
National Geographic – “Herod’s Lost Tomb”
Namco Bandai – “National Geographic: Panda”
Sony – “National Geographic: Africa”

December 2008
National Geographic – “Sudoku Traveler: China”

National Geographic – “Rain Forests”
National Geographic – “Greencity”
National Geographic – “From the Bottom Up”