We continue our countdown today with this hot little number. Known for showing off as much ass as she kicks, our number 2 pick is the kind of booty that makes the world a better place. Some ‘Not Safe For Work’ content may be ahead, so brace yourself.

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#2 – Cammy White (Street Fighter series)

Did anyone doubt we would see Cammy on this list? As one of the few female characters from the Street Fighter series, Cammy is arguably the hottest… or at least has the nicest ass. I’m not sure what makes her think that outfit is good for fighting in, but I’m not entirely sure what the rules are in Street Fighter either. Realistically, it’s not much worse than a lot of outfits in women’s sports. Either way, we approve.

Yes, that was a lot of Cammy ass pictures. They are surprisingly easy to find, which speaks volumes to the impact her butt has had on the gaming world. In all of my “research” so far, Cammy’s booty seems to be the most celebrated in terms of the sheer number of ass pictures out there. People just really, really love that ass and for good reason, though I did discover that Cammy’s ass actually belongs to M. Bison (NSFW). The hardest thing to find, actually, was pictures of Cammy from the actual games.

I did manage to find this video here of Cammy kicking some in-game ass:

And here’s a slideshow with a ton more Cammy pictures since it’s easier than uploading them all:

One of the greatest contributions Cammy has made to the world is her imitation in the form of cosplay. Dressing as Cammy essentially means wearing a one-piece and nothing else (maybe a hat), which can be a great thing or a rather horrible thing when you are surrounded by Cammys at a convention.

Here also is a bunch of Cammy cosplayers from around the world — some great, some… not so much.

Cammy was also played by Kylie Minogue in the laughably bad Street Fighter movie. Don’t know who Kylie Minogue is? You should. Here, become more informed through the power of this link.

I think we’ve made a pretty good case for why Cammy’s ass deserves to be so high on this list, but if not… well, make your own list then, you ungrateful jerk! Still curious who that number one spot will belong to? Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out as our countdown of the Nicest Asses in Videogames continues tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, Cookigaki is glad to see so many pictures and so much real life boobage to suckle. Cammy has given Cookigaki’s boner purpose, and that is to rest snugly between those cheeks.

  2. Just google “cammy.gif” and you’ll find some in-game gifs of her, and yes even the one where she turns around and gives a thumbs up after a victory. Small pics though.