Anyone who has seen or played Fallout 3 knows that the slo-mo VATS system can provide some pretty gruesome scenes — this is no exception. Possibly the goriest headshot I have ever seen in my life, complete with distinctive flying eyeballs and a lower jaw, is contained herein. Mature content warning!

(Also be warned that the volume is ridiculously loud, so you may want to turn it down before you start the video.)


  1. Thanks! I actually found this on gametrailers first, but the quality was terrible. I had a hell of a time tracking it down on as the title was different and everything. I’m still not entirely sure how their site works.

  2. That was freak’n awesome. I have not picked it up yet. Fallout 3 is certainly on the to-do list. Thanks for sharing that gnarly headshot! It was the extra push on my decision to get it.

  3. what gun is he using??? i just got the game the other day ago and i have seen shit like that! man now i really want to know what gun he’s using but it kindof looks like a hunting rifle

  4. I had a similar shot but with the sniper rifle. I was after the guy in the rafters of the left over barn. I could barely see him and the camera followed the bullet for like 6-7 seconds before it hit him in one of his eyes and exploded his head. It was so awsome I love the VATS.

  5. Mexico619, I also think it looks like a hunting rifle. They actually do a decent amount of damage when you max your small arms skill.

  6. Yeah, that looks like the hunting rifle. Glad i’m not the only one who uses it on those nasty ferals! I need to narrow down my weapons choices though, currently toting the hunting rifle, chinese ar, combat shotty, shishkebab, silenced 10mm, 10mm smg, and a lazpistol, plus around 10 naids and mines.