The Official Xbox Magazine scored the exclusive first review rights for Street Fighter IV. What’s the verdict? Check out what OXM had to say about the newest installment in the king of fighting games.

An excerpt:

“If you’re a fan of the older games, you’ll drop right in and enjoy yourself; the classic six-button controls feel perfect, and as you take different characters through Arcade mode, you’ll unlock alumni who didn’t appear in the coin-op edition, like Cammy, Rose, and Dan. Everyone looks as you remember them, only better. Exaggerated new facial animations make every attack look like it really hurts, and the game’s distinctive painted graphic style gives it the classy look of an interactive work of art.”

OXM’s final score: 9.5 — can’t say I really expected anything less, and I’m sure the PS3 version will fare just as well. The PC version, well, that just seems weird.

Pick up the February ’09 issue of OXM to read the full review in all its glory.

UPDATE: Or pick up PlayStation: The Official Magazine, which gave the game a 5 out of 5. Both magazines are owned by Future Publishing and both have exclusive reviews for their respective consoles.



  1. Guess what? OXM and PS: The Official Mag are both owned by Future Publishing. OXM has the exclusive 360 review and PS:TOM has the exclusive PS3 review.

  2. And the quote is from OXM because that magazine is here in front of me. I’m sure the words in the PS3 review are different, and therefore I can’t quote it.

  3. Haha , playstation guy got owned.tat was foony.
    actually im a ps guy too. Thats funny imo that OXM and PS: have “exclusive reviews”…. I will be getting this on PS3 for the D-pad how bout u guys? PSN: gamesnskate

  4. lol I did get owned. I didn’t know that Future published both. Anyway, the opening line is a little misleading, but I suppose I should have thought outside the box. My bad!

  5. Should have thought outside the Xbox… sorry, that was horrible. As for Killzone 2, I still don’t have the magazine but I know that it also got a 5 out of 5.

  6. Good Capcom,you are full of grandeur,good for you.
    Can I have SSF2THDREMIX in europe now?
    Take your bulky flashy monsters and keep them for yourselves until then,thank you Capcom.

  7. To be honest, this game is going to suck compared to SF3 3rd strike, no parrying, it seems like a step backward.
    By the way, what controller did the xbox guy review the game with? I would score it as a 6/10 max if he was using the 360 controller, the game should be penaltize at least for that. And what is weird about having a PC version? The graphics will look slick and we have better controllers than the 360, I’m actually looking forward to it.

  8. You just typically don’t think of fighters as PC games, especially if you don’t have a gamepad.

    Also, the reviewer said the 360 controller works fine, like a SNES controller did, but it felt a lot better with the arcade stick.

  9. “Should have thought outside the Xbox… sorry, that was horrible. As for Killzone 2, I still don’t have the magazine but I know that it also got a 5 out of 5.”


    Kicking a man while he’s down just shows what kind of man you are.

  10. MadCatz is coming out with a “fightpad” that has the d-pad where the 360 analog stick is and the 6 button layout with a choice of 5 Street Fighters on it. It’s $40, and if you’re stoked about SF4 you might wanna check it out as opposed to using the suck ass d-pad on the 360 controller

  11. IM getting the Arcade Fight stick, which is the best way to play any fighting game, especially streetfighter games.

    I also might splurge on teh Akuma Fightpad, since Im a huge Akuma player. Since Ill be using the Fight stick, maybe my friends would like to use the fight pad instead of the regular xbox 360 controller.

    The fight stick goes for 70 bucks. So, its a lil steep, but well worth it im sure.