[youtube width=”510″ height=”402″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OybiXxxkQG8[/youtube]

Gamers have accomplished some very amazing things with musical instruments. I’ve seen a man beatbox while playing the Super Mario Bros. theme on the flute, I’ve seen someone perform the Tetris theme with a tesla coil, and I’ve even seen a man play the Legend of Zelda theme on his hands. But this, my friends, is a first. Not only did an aspiring gamer manage to play the Portal anthem “Still Alive” on a theremin- he managed to input this play into Rock Band.

In the video above, you’ll see YouTube user conquerearth manage to play Portal’s “Still Alive” on a theremin, an instrument that measures the movement of your hand in the air to make sounds. Of course, with a theremin, the only way to hear the sound is through headphones, so the musician managed to put the headphones right over his Rock Band microphone and score a 138,685 5-star run, with 95% on Expert in the process. Impressive!

Though he doesn’t have any other videos of what he calls “Theremin Hero” in his YouTube channel, you can see him play some other amazing songs on the theremin, including the Zelda theme, the Halo 3 Title Screen music, and Epona’s Song (Ocarina of Time) all on his channel.


  1. If I knew how to play a theremin, I think that would be easier that actually singing. Singing is hard, at least singing a bunch of songs in a row is.

  2. Man, Theremins are so cool. I must acquire one.

    Dan: I’m not sure (have never played one myself), but I’ve heard that the Theremin is almost impossible to play perfectly. There’s no frets/keys/reference for where to make pitches, so it’s hard to replicate sounds/pitches exactly the same every time.

  3. ^Second that,Theremins are too cool for us mortals :D.Now I have a urge,I’m off to search”Still Alive” played in a tesla coil,I hope it does exists