Like most things in life, the more something is hyped, the higher your expectations. Killzone 2 is currently the subject of so much hyperbole that it’s starting to damage what people will think of the game.

Killzone 2, as you may have heard, is the best thing in the world since sliced bread. The only problem with that notion is that Killzone 2 does not make as delicious of a sandwich.

Just taking a gander at gaming hubs like N4G, the past week has been ruled by articles about Killzone 2. Most of these articles range from relatively small sites to some well-established sites, each of which claiming that Killzone 2 will absolutely blow your mind. Of course, there are also a few saying that Killzone 2 is just another shooter and that it’s not a big deal.

I happen to be somewhere in the middle. I’ve actually gotten my hands on Killzone 2 for just a few minutes, but I also hung around and watched other people play it rather extensively. As far as first-person shooters go, Killzone 2 is great — some might even go so far as to say it’s fantastic. What Killzone 2 isn’t, however, is a ‘killer app’.

Killzone 2 is not going to move systems. Killzone 2 is not going to convert Xbox owners. Killzone 2 is not going to cure cancer or resurrect the dead. Killzone 2 is simply a great shooter, and that’s it.

The main problem with all of these sites claiming otherwise is that it is actually going to damage the impressions people get from the game. Expectations are so high right now with all of the hype that people have no choice but to be disappointed. As great as it is, it is impossible for Killzone 2 (or any other game, for that matter) to live up to the tremendous amount of hype surrounding it.

I only say this because I’m concerned for my fellow gamers. I don’t want people to be disappointed when they should be excited. I don’t want the hype to ruin the game for them, much like it did for me and GTA4. I curse IGN to this day for handing out “the first 10 since 1999” and making me believe that the game was more than it was.

So please, citizens of the Internet, I beg you: stop overhyping Killzone 2 before you end up spoiling everyone’s fun. Thank you. I will now take my leave of the Ripten soapbox.

[And for the record, I think Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 were overhyped as well.]


  1. EA, I hope you were being sarcastic. Otherwise, your comment reeks of hypocrisy.

    And I know that nothing I’ve done here is going to get me “fired”. Chad would die if I wasn’t here.

  2. Dan,

    The article is a good piece, and one I agree with – over-hyping games is a good way to kill games. GTAIV was the given example, and was exactly what I was thinking while reading. I bought it because it got so many perfect scores and even entire podcasts dedicated to it, and when I got it in my hands, the luster wore off very quickly.

    I don’t like to see games get so severely over-hyped that expectations get so high that the game has no choice but to disappoint. Movies also fall into this trap; Iron Man was supposed to be so awesome, but when I saw it, it was just cheesy and corny, with Burger King ads.

    Only one thing kinda bugs me here, and it doesn’t relate so much to the article as it does to the follow-up comments.

    “I’ve actually gotten my hands on Killzone 2 for just a few minutes, but I also hung around and watched other people play it rather extensively.”

    It’s a little hypocritical to judge Killzone 2 based on “a few minutes” of play, and then bash your commenters with sarcasm because they are excited for a “game that hasn’t released yet.” If you’ve only managed to play for a few minutes, then your opinion (about the game itself, that is) is not based on nearly as much ground as the people who actually played it day in and day out while the beta was running…

    Watching people play a game isn’t the same thing as actually playing it. (If it were, you could just head over to GameTrailers and review games that aren’t due to release for another year or two.)

    It’s also possible that you are in the extreme minority of people who don’t think the game is all that, as I appear to be with Halo and Halo 2 (never played Halo 3, only saw videos, so I can’t judge it).

    For you to hurl insults at your commenters, however fanboyish they may be, is surprising. But then, I don’t spend a lot of my time on Ripten, so maybe it’s commonplace for staff here to break their own Commenting Rules… Do as you say, not as you do, I assume?

  3. Dana,

    “Hurling insults” isn’t something Ripten as a whole does on a constant basis. I tend to make sarcastic remarks and “insults” to people that are being unreasonable. As I’ve stated before, I’m perfectly willing to accept other people’s opinions on how great Killzone 2 is, but the people that call me an idiot because I don’t report as fact that Killzone 2 is the BEST GAME EVAR, those people do not deserve my leniency.

    Commenting rules are “no hate speech”. In general, the only things we are against are racial slurs and the like. Even though I’ve allowed so many people to call me “gay”, that is something that is generally frowned upon as well. I also feel that my responses are following the rule of “debating intelligently” because it takes a certain level of intelligence to make such smart-ass comments ^_^

    As far as my judgments on Killzone 2, are you saying that I shouldn’t call it great? That’s one thing that still irks me is how many people ignore the fact that I said the game was great. And yes, I do think you can be impressed by a game just by playing a few minutes and then watching other people play. Otherwise, how can so many people call it the GREATEST GAME EVAR when most of them haven’t even played it themselves?

    The bottom line is that Killzone 2 deserves attention, but it does not deserve the hype of “BEST GAME EVAR”. That kind of hype always leads to disappointment, and that’s something I don’t want for my fellow gamers.

  4. dan,maybe chad likes how you swallow his load thats why he wont fire you.but if you keep writing garbage pieces like this one,even he will tire of your mouth and writing skills.”played the game like 5 minutes and watched non xtwats playing” what are you like carnack?did you rub the controller on your twat and “felt” the game was not worth the hype?

  5. The only thing that I hate more than retarded 12 year old fanboy comments with no real facts in them are in this case:
    Look at all the ps3 fanboys at full anger today…

    Come on…, the people that say this know that if the article were against their system, they would say the same

    Also, the comments that say that Dan should be fired are complete bs. Just look at the amount of people Dan’s articles bring, just look at the number of comments.

  6. That’s the thing a lot of commenters still seem to be missing: This article is not “against” the PS3 in any way, and that is why the fanboys fail so hard with their comments.

  7. Anything that doesn’t declare PS3 the best system ever and it’s games the greatest games of all time is automatically “against the PS3”.

    I guess you didn’t get that memo. (Someone’s head will roll for that, let me tell you..)

  8. I like DavidGX’s point. It’s like how now if you don’t agree with something the president says or does you will be deemed a racist. Dan, I think the article is just fine. I only wonder how you can muster up the energy to keep going back to debate with rabid fanboys. I do play Gears 2 online and, although it’s nowhere near as smooth as the Live greatness that was CoD4, I enjoy it. I’ve never once experienced anything so awful that I threw my controller down and swore off Gears 2 online for all of eternity. Maybe KZ2’s online works better. Good for you PS3 people. I actually hope KZ2 is a good game. Lord knows the PS3 needs one…

  9. you retards that side with dan miss one huge point,his article was reaking of xbot favoritism.where was he when gaylo 3 was beeing hyped to the next oblivion?where was he when gears 2 was coming out?i didnt hear any1 whineing about hype then.but god forbide we ps3 fans get hyped about a game that’s hugely needed right now,and then all these “game journalist” come out the woodwork talking about how we should mellow out and wait for the game to point,when should we ps3fans get excited??then dan says it wont turn xtwats into ps3 fans,well i started on the crapbox 360 till it rrod 4 times,one time the plug&play wouldnt work the finally thru in the ps3 has never failed me and i know my ps3 is future proof,while the crapbox has 1 and 1/2 left to go. so to end it with a bang ,dan i suggest you tell microsoft thanks but no thanks and return that laptop they gave you and write real pieces that dont reak of fanboyism.

  10. Crazyspider, don’t get so upset man, Let me tell you why. By criticizing the Hype, Dan is actually adding to it. At the end of the day it is just another article the the game Killzone 2 in it. See?
    Look past the words and the replies making fun of Playstation “fanboys” by 360 “fanboys” and see the article for what it is. Hey, I’m like you, I own a 360 and it rrod’s and I got a PS3 and use that mostly, I didn’t give up on the 360 I just use it for exclusives now. Don’t bust a vein over this, man.

  11. If by “sack this dude” you mean “lick this dude’s sack because he is so awesome” then I totally agree with you.

  12. Gaylo 3? Halo 3 is a amazing game. Its hype was built from the fans that had Halo 1&2 without Halo, the xbox would fall apart. (I love xbox and PS3)You need to chill spyder. Dan was just trying to say that nothing has been really reveled for it yet, but yet people are raving like its Best game of all time. wait for the game demo or the game itself before getting all “fucking OMG” on the game. Keep up the great work Dan!

  13. gaylo 3 was garbage i played all three,the first one was the best after that bungie ran out of ideas,only douche bags loved the 3rd looked like shit story was retarded..i thought he was supposed to die??and they ruined the flood with new ones that morphed into 3 different characters.bottom line gaylo 3 sucked!!!!killzone 2 is my kind of game,realistic lookling gameplay and no retarded 3 year olds screaming on wireless headgear from microsoft that doesnt work(buzzing noise)and on a system thats reliable(had 4 rrod’s on crapbox)and isnt the same shit repackeged(gaylo will be crapbox’s returning and only true exclusive for life)playstation f.t.w.!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Your an idiot to say Halo 1 was the best. I agree with you somewhat when saying not much has been improved from Halo 2 – 3, But the jump from 1 – 2 was really great.
    Halo is just another game that falls into the spectrum of bore games after you play it a lot. The game that has come closest to being the best game ever (not ever getting boring) is COD 4 for me, but it still does get boring. Just because of the combinations of the weapons and perks and prestige.
    Maybe K2 will come close to not getting boring for a long time because of everything I’ve heard from Beta testers about the online.

  15. I find it absolutely ridiculous that this one post has seemingly caused such an uproar. I don’t see what was so offensive about the content within it!

    It’s crucial to understand that hype is an inevitability when we’re dealing with major development landmarks within games – like exceptionally good graphics or a new way to play a game (See: Nintendo Wii). Furthermore, the amount of time and money this game, and many others like it (See: Halo 1, 2, 3), make it an absolute necessity that publishers and development teams get as much media exposure as possible, otherwise fewer people will be aware and hence fewer will buy and play the game.

    We need hype. I guess what I am saying is that it is a necessary evil, even when overhype leads to a slight disappointment. But think of this, if a game was not hyped sufficiently and it turned out to be a fantastic, genre defining experience for the masses – how gutted would you feel? In fact, who cares about you, the individual? The publisher would drop the game for lack of sales (or interest) and the development team that produced the game would go bust!

    Hype = Sales = Profits = More great games from great developers.

    We really do not stand to lose very much at all from this scenario.

    And to Dan Landis, I feel you’ve done yourself no favors by replying to these aggressive and distasteful posts with much of the same aggression and distaste. Surely you are better than that! So what if someone wants to express their zeal for a game that you, an apparently seasoned professional, do not seem to appreciate? Let the dog have it’s bone, even if the bone’s not yet released.

    Let’s all just wait patiently for this games release and then decide on whether or not it is the game that hype promised. I know that I’ll be content, nay happy, so long as it doesn’t pull a Haze.

  16. Bagat said, “Your an idiot to say Halo 1 was the best.”

    And who are you sir, to say that he’s an idiot for having an opinion?

    Some might say you are in fact the idiot for ridiculing someone’s right to an opinion.

    You also said, “Halo is just another game that falls into the spectrum of bore games after you play it a lot.”

    My friend, please examine what you have just said. Doesn’t doing anything repetitively eventually lead to the entertainment value extracted from it to be reduced? How many grapes can you eat before you get bored of the taste? Obviously, the longevity of any recreational activity will vary greatly from person to person – we are all unique. So your justification for being anti-Halo is inherently flawed.

  17. I’d also like to say that the gaming community needs to embrace the fact that there is a multi platform set up.

    Simple economics teaches us that competition is not only healthy and beneficial, but it is necessary for efficiency and quality.

    Without it, we have the Windows scenario – where effectively the same operating system was released year after year with upgraded skins (See: Windows 95-98-ME). Windows Vista is the product of a lack of competition. Nothing can compete with the installer base Windows XP has racked up.

    Imagine if Xbox fanboys get their wish of Xbox 360 dominance. Suddenly, since it’s the only console on earth, there is no need for Microsoft to invest in research and development for an Xbox 720 or an Xbox 1080. And yes, Microsoft are exactly the kind of power hungry company that this precise scenario appeals to.

    Ultimately, it is us, the consumer who will benefit from competition. It means that consoles will be sold at a loss to the company selling it, if necessary, in order that the install base is established – without the PS3, what incentive does Microsoft have to reducing prices? If it’s the only console in the market, it can be priced at a £1000 a pop and we could do nothing about it. Console gaming would be destroyed.

    Competition improves the quality of our gaming lifestyle. Embrace your fanboy opposite and let’s stop this crazy banter that many, unfortunately, take oh so seriously.

  18. I think that the reason so many PS3 owners are buying into the hype of KZ2, is because SOCOM Confrontation was such a flop. WE WANT there to be another game our clans can grab ahold of and be our “main game”. Many of us bought into the hype of SOCOM Confrontation, then were sorely disappointed. I don’t know why we’d fall for the hype again, but it seems much of us have :(

    I for one, will not be buying into the hype by preordering a game to get an early demo. That’s back asswards if you ask me.

    I’ll wait and see what happens when everyone buys the game and is online with it. If it passes muster, I’ll be getting it… not a moment sooner.

    When you look at all those used SOCOM Confrontation games sitting on the shelf at Gamestop, you have to wonder what the hell went wrong.

  19. I thought Starcraft 2 was also hyped, to tell you the truth. The graphics are indeed awesome, but the new “kill machines” don’t seem to fit in the game, they’re too powerful. Killzone definitely doesn’t deserve the commercial it has received, I’ve just erased it and I’m not feeling guilty at all. Maybe as a publisher network agent I shouldn’t be playing so much…