Like most things in life, the more something is hyped, the higher your expectations. Killzone 2 is currently the subject of so much hyperbole that it’s starting to damage what people will think of the game.

Killzone 2, as you may have heard, is the best thing in the world since sliced bread. The only problem with that notion is that Killzone 2 does not make as delicious of a sandwich.

Just taking a gander at gaming hubs like N4G, the past week has been ruled by articles about Killzone 2. Most of these articles range from relatively small sites to some well-established sites, each of which claiming that Killzone 2 will absolutely blow your mind. Of course, there are also a few saying that Killzone 2 is just another shooter and that it’s not a big deal.

I happen to be somewhere in the middle. I’ve actually gotten my hands on Killzone 2 for just a few minutes, but I also hung around and watched other people play it rather extensively. As far as first-person shooters go, Killzone 2 is great — some might even go so far as to say it’s fantastic. What Killzone 2 isn’t, however, is a ‘killer app’.

Killzone 2 is not going to move systems. Killzone 2 is not going to convert Xbox owners. Killzone 2 is not going to cure cancer or resurrect the dead. Killzone 2 is simply a great shooter, and that’s it.

The main problem with all of these sites claiming otherwise is that it is actually going to damage the impressions people get from the game. Expectations are so high right now with all of the hype that people have no choice but to be disappointed. As great as it is, it is impossible for Killzone 2 (or any other game, for that matter) to live up to the tremendous amount of hype surrounding it.

I only say this because I’m concerned for my fellow gamers. I don’t want people to be disappointed when they should be excited. I don’t want the hype to ruin the game for them, much like it did for me and GTA4. I curse IGN to this day for handing out “the first 10 since 1999” and making me believe that the game was more than it was.

So please, citizens of the Internet, I beg you: stop overhyping Killzone 2 before you end up spoiling everyone’s fun. Thank you. I will now take my leave of the Ripten soapbox.

[And for the record, I think Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 were overhyped as well.]


  1. I think it’s wrong to bash people back and forth about games. I am not a fanboy I like the 360 and the ps3, I will say I am extremely excited for kz2 and it made me want a ps3 very bad. It’s not because of the hype or articles, it’s just because of what I saw, it looks almost as good as crysis to me.
    What I ask of you as pro Journalists is – Please review this game without the hype or any bias in your heads, if it’s a badly made game or a well made game treat it as such. Forget the hype and the idiot fanboys (both ps3 and xbox) and forget what system it’s on.
    It doesn’t matter if this game was on 360 or ps3 to me it looks great (I was in the beta also, fun!) and fanboys on both systems are equally as immature. I love many 360 games and ps3 games, I feel like a nerd right now, all i’m trying to say is please don’t punish this game just because of idiots.

  2. @ Dan Landis

    Whilst I feel that the general premise of this article is ok: Stop overhyping games, you definitely executed it poorly.

    Saying you played a game for a few minutes, then watched others doesnt really give you a solid ground to pass judgement. This doesnt even pass as a preview as you didnt comment on any aspects of the game as far as I can tell??

    Also I take it from the smiley at the end that your “It wont sell ps3’s because I wouldnt buy one for KZ2” comment was a joke right? Cos thats not very good logic at all!

    Why most of the defense of the game has focussed on the Multiplayer part I’m guessing, is because its the part of the game that most of the non-media have actually *played*, and most probably Extensively.
    Even sites like Kotaku which none would argue are pro-ps3 wrote a piece a while back stating that the Multiplayer was excellent, as the graphics.

    So you see its a combination of having people having really played the game (BETA), and sites like Kotaku which will gladly rip into ps3 if deemed fit praising Killzone 2, which have helped hype the game.

    The graphics have been widely praised also by a variety of sites hence more hype.
    The single player has also been praised by those who have reviewed the final build hence yet more hype.

    Sites like IGN have compared the E3 2005 trailer to the final build and its clear that in some areas Guerilla have surpassed that quality hence more hype.

    It all adds up to a picture of a game that looks super sweet with hype that is justified.

    “It is not a killer ap. it will not move systems”. How can you state this as fact when 1) its had tons of positive reviews/hype, 2) You dont know what Marketing plans Sony has got in store? 3) You havent even actually played the final build/completed it hence you dont know if the game really is awesome and might sell a ton based off word of mouth alone????????

    You ‘curse’ IGN to this day for giving GTA4 a 10, well then I suppose you curse Ripten your employer to this day for giving Gears 2/Halo 3 a 10 when (as you admit) they dont deserve it?

    Should have just kept this short and sweet: ” I havent played much or know how the story really pans out, it looks a good game lets just not get too excited like with GTA 4 which I feel wasnt all that great.” No need for sales or killer app talk before it drops or youve even had the full experience.
    But that would be a pretty pointless and insignificant little piece right?

    I dont know any serious critic who would watch 5 minutes of a movie then a few snipets here and there and tell people it isnt going to be a box office hit. That would just be really short sighted. Also how many average movies have sold in the millions?

    P.S It doesnt seem like youre much of a gamer if you still dont have a PS3, peddling the old PS3 has no games. Theres got to be at least a few that tickle your interest and I assume you can afford to have both/all the consoles so why not? Hopefully not some grudge against Sony? In fact you would assume *all* game journalists run all platforms.

  3. I would love to buy a PS3 someday but now looking at these insane moronic comments i am afraid something automatically will happen to my brain if i buy one .

    Scary people , PS3 fanboys !

  4. @ Dan Landis

    Also pointing everyone that defends your opinion as “enlightened”, whilst everyone who disagrees “retarded” doesnt really help your case too much. It doenst take a masters in psychology to see whats going on there. Nor doe it make you look any less retarded than them. Havent you ever heard the phrase “dont stoop to their level” ?
    These ‘kids’ as you call them have got you in an internet name-calling fest thats ridiculous, sorry.

  5. Aww, wittle Xbot is pissed that his 90th 360 is now over the hill and the good shit is about to hit the PS3. Go on a diet you fat bald fuck, and get laid.

    Hating gamings systems is laughably pathetic.

  6. Love the irony of an ‘article’ looking to stop hype actually resulting in hyping the game even more…

    An intelligent journalist might have planned this, but I see none of those on this site.

  7. Well… rather than taking an objective journalistic approach – you’ve just lost all credibility you had.

    Sorry, mate. You failed as soon as you said H3 held the “crown”. LOL. COD4 ripped it out of H3’s cold dead hands just WEEKS after releases… on the 360 alone ;) Not to mention the millions and millions more sold between PS3 and 360. COD4 moved to the top of the most played XBL charts shortly after release and stayed there way the heck longer than H3.

    I’ll say Hype is bad and KZ2 has to go head on with the giant known as COD4.

    But writing an article because you’re butthurt that people hype/like a video game?

    SAD LOL.

    I’ve still yet to see the same hype as H3, tho. I see no KZ2 adverts on pop cans, drink cups in restaurants, etc.

    So the HYPE meter falls way short of that of H3 at the time.

    So… where’s your H3 article? OH. NVM. It’s just cool to bash Sony and Sony exclusives.

    Well then, nevermind and continue on with your childish, ignorant and fanboyish articles, whelp.

  8. this is getting pretty funny after reading all of the comments. yes dan and john are acting unprofessional by stooping to the commenters and fanboys level and the unnecessary cursing but still all the fanboys aren’t any better. both parties are wrong and should really stop to preserve the little respect they have left.

  9. P.P.S

    @ John Landis

    Say I choose to get the cheapest 360 at $199, throw in live at $39-49.99, plus e.g. gears 2 at $60.00, plus wireless at $99 cause I dont want to run or drill holes in my house just for online gaming.
    Exactly how much does that add up?? About $410.
    (And thats assuming I want to plunk for the seems-cheap-but-actualy-expensive Arcade.)

    Or I drop $399 plud $60-70 for KZ2. Your talking a $50-60 difference. Just responding to your: “it’s not going to mean jack shit because no one is willing to go out and blow a thousand dollars on a fucking gaming system just to play one shitty game”
    Where on earth are you getting a $1000 from? Oh I see… ur ANUS.

  10. You mentioned a killer ap is a game which will make the masses buy a console by millions…

    So according to your logic, wii fit is a killer ap?

    Please just shut the fuck up, don’t even try to defend your silly article which is worth being in a forum post, by a random,I-have-vested-interests kind of guy.

  11. Man the “editors” on this site are really retarded. Seriously, flame wars happen all the time, but this is the only site where employess encourage them.

    I will be seriously glad when all of these BS gaming rags go away. I hope this recession makes it happen. I liked it a lot better when gaming rags had insights, not cussing high school drop outs fighting over clicks.

    Anyone who disagrees over this articles is said to be retarded and anyone who agrees is pragmatic. WTF! BTW, Did any of you english majors ever write a single line of code or anything like that? And that dude John Landis. Acting like he is the lone warrior fighting fanboys. I would say again, if you don’t like this site, adblock it, drop their ad revenues and let them burn.

    Seriously this shit has got to stop. KZ2 met all the target renders and everything. Stll these broke ass walmart types who can’t afford a PS keep ragging on every which exclusive.

  12. HC,

    People that disagree with me aren’t automatically retarded. People that fail to understand the point and flame me because of it are retarded.

    There are a few comments that agree with the point of the article but disagree with my idea that Killzone 2 won’t be a killer app and move tons of systems. Those people are not retarded. They think Killzone 2 will be a killer app and they might be right, but they at least don’t disagree with me for immature reasons like “Killzone 2 is teh uberz”. There’s a difference, and I would hope that people can see that.

  13. Don’t really see the issue with this article. Killzone 2 IS being overhyped a bit. For the record I think the game is going to be amazing and I’ve already pre-ordered it, but the hype is really going overboard.

    The author is not saying the game is going to suck and isn’t even really criticizing the game itself, more so the rabid fanboys who are making it out to be more than what it is. And IMO this is something that needed to be said.

  14. What a load of tosh. Hype it up guys ! This game is gonna blow all other console FPS’ out of the water !

    Credit where credit’s due.

  15. Yeah, credit is due to the author for having common sense and making a logical argument against the hype. I think Killzone 2 might actually be a system seller, so that I disagree with, but that’s his opinion and we shouldn’t flame him for it. Anyone that does is just failing to see the big picture and showing the world why gamers are considered to be so immature.

  16. Thank you for pointing this stuff out! I get tired of people hyping the fuck outta Killzone 2, and while I think it’ll be a good game; I don’t think any game should attract this much hype. The official playstation boards is the worst though.. I swear, every time someone posts a review where Killzone 2 doesn’t get a 10/10 you’ll get people running in saying the review is biased garbage. (they even called the OPM review, which was a 9/10, a biased review)

  17. Dan,

    You did say that a few comments up. Then your good buddy John came in to class things up a bit.

    You might be right about the hype for KZ2. But then again, what are you suggesting? That gaming rags stop running KZ stories? That fans stop talking about it? It is a good game judging from the beta.

    Here’s why PS people get mad about articles like this. Everytime a good game comes out, there is always some BS going on with the media. Its like you people can’t just enjoy a game and you have rile things up. Gears ranked higher on story than MGS4 on GT. Really! Right now, there are so many XBox people just hoping and praying that this game tanks its not even funny. Just now I was listening to a podcast on bingegamer and some idiot was saying that he hopes this game fails so he would not hear the term Halo killer again.

    Seriously, MS execs and its fanboys are some of the worst, classless people I have ever seen. PS fanboys cry and moan just like any other fanboys, but they bitch about the games. XBox fanboys like your good friend John are just retarded.

    Will anyone explain to me why the hell woulld you not buy a PS if you like games? The 360 has the same 2-3 games Gears, Too Human, Fable and what not.

    People are creating a stink over KZ, I am waiting till Heavy Rain hits. That is one game that would generate a lot of hate as well. I don’t think you guys understand what people like me, grew up playing nintendo, in their late 20’s-30’s, having disposable income are looking for. You know why I don’t have a 360. I could afford to buy one every week. I don’t have one because it does not have anything other than the 2-3 games. It is loud and unreliable.

    Your wasn’t the first article today hating on KZ. Gamesradar and bingegamer joined in. I don’t really care coz PS exclusives are a first day buy for me, for the most part. But seriously, get a grip.

  18. The only thing i see with this article is the fact that it allows bile and hatred grow in abundance.

    On the article, it was a good one full of valid points. Sure the article could have been written when gears2 came out but it didn’t. No it got made on Killzone2. And it is true.

    Yes i have played the game (beta) and although it’s a cracking game with the fact that you can choose a certain class and each class has it’s own special (loosely used) it offers you alot of diversity in the online arena. Yet the controls are fiddly the time it takes to click the R3(change it to L1) to look down the barrel some one has just blind fired you. Yes some can call it more tactical but it does not offer smooth gameplay. And what cover system does it have? The type that you just stand behind something and thats it. Unless the SP has a more defined cover system i know not.

    They hype is not worth it. It does not improve on the first game in my opinion despite all the money that was thrown at it.

    This article has nothing to do with fanboyism. No some ps3 owners just get too jarred at some truths. Look at HAZE. Look at GTA4. LBP, and MGS4 (abbriviations ftw) rewards the hype with outstanding everything in every department. To all that moans about MGS4 being a film. What did you expect from the series as all the games (bar the msx ones) have been the same.

    One more point why is no one mentioning Heavy Rain. Made with alot less money than Killzone2 yet has the potential to redefine the way we play games plus it looks much nicer than Killzone2. Gurrilla are not that good of a developer to change the dynamics of the FPS genre the way say Infinity Ward did. Yet the have enough skill to give us another FPS we will throw on top of the pile after we get bored of the game. It’s a triple a title but not worth the hype it has been given.

    NOTE: Why does Gears have to come into it. The article was about the hype of Killzone 2 Nothing more nothing less.

  19. Like hype is ever going to stop or be any different to it is now, when big title games and films come close to release hype is what happens, is this something new then?

  20. “Seriously though, I’m an idiot and I look like I have asperger’s” -John Landis

    You can’t REALLY be serious… It’s like you tried to wrong about as much you could in a single comment.

  21. IAMweasel

    “It’s a triple a title but not worth the hype it has been given.”

    “It does not improve on the first game in my opinion despite all the money that was thrown at it.”

    The problems you list are controls, Im sure I read a few comments on this when the beta hit- its possible that Guerrila fixed this for the final no? They have apparently fixed the AI, gun-weighting and pacing of the single-player campaign since the beta, for example. Check IGN’s “five quick fixes for KZ2”. Just saying :)
    From what I can tell the game has excellent graphics and looks fun and exciting to play, thats why Im ‘hyped’, plus I liked Liberation on PSP a lot so can only imagine how good it’ll be on PS3.

    I think people aren’t hyping Heavy rain as we havent seen much- all Ive seen looks like CG movies with QTE’s. Thats one game Im not sure any hype is justified for.. anyways regards KZ2 we shall all see come February.

  22. I’m not a professional writer or some sort of industry insider. I have a real job. I just sort of do this every once in a while for shits and giggles. Hell, my name isn’t anywhere on the site saying that I write for them, so why would you think that I’m at all a representative of the rest of this site?

    Everyone here is just a gamer, not some “professional journalist”. Some of them do write for other sites and just slum it for Ripten, but we all write in our own way here. Our opinions aren’t gospel and opinion pieces shouldn’t be flamed because you somehow interpret our opinions as facts. We don’t say they are facts, we just write our opinions. It’s your own fucking fault if you hold us at a higher level for some reason and we all of the sudden aren’t allowed to be opinionated anymore without you asshole fanboys being, well, assholes.

    Keep sending your hate mail to and tell him you hate me and Dan and that we should be fucking fired. We should be banned from writing anything ever again, even commenting on stories. DO IT!! Try at least though to spell your words out and use at least a bit of proper sentence structure and not bullshit like “fir john bacaz he is dum and i hat him he swore and is unprofesonal!”

  23. “Everyone here is just a gamer, not some “professional journalist”. Some of them do write for other sites and just slum it for Ripten, but we all write in our own way here. Our opinions aren’t gospel and opinion pieces shouldn’t be flamed because you somehow interpret our opinions as facts. We don’t say they are facts, we just write our opinions”- John Landis

    Thanks for confirming this site is a waste of time for peoples gaming news. You heard it, folks. We can all ignore Ripten from now on. No more hits!

  24. John Landis, you’re an idiot. Professional or not, your replies show how ignorant and immature you are. I’m not all that surprise, this is Ripten after all.

    Also, why does this dude look like a generic Guile? I take that back, dude looks like Rufus from Street Fighter IV lol

  25. Is this comments section “Gamers Daycare” or something?

    Why is everyone acting like 10 year old children (even the editors of the site!). Most Gaming sites just either delete or ignore stupid fanboy comments, but these editors actually go right into the flame war. Just Ignore.

    Just calm down. You all are fighting over a GAME. A game that hasn’t even released yet!!!

  26. Attention whore is an attention whore(much like this site)

    this Dan guy needs to be fired but guess what?by clicking on this stupid article we secured him his job(he brought clicks to this website after all) . it’s ok,,,his name/credibility(if he had any to begin with) is ruined .

    the only good response for this moron is from sites like Sony defense force.

    Halo 3 Vs. Killzone 2(graphical comparison):


  27. Everybody needs to come down for the PS3 fanboys site is pretty much is the joke of game industry, shit I’d say its mediocre at best. I’m sure people first stop to game previews, trailers or reviews is to The only buzz/hits they can get is giving PS3 majority hits piss poor scores, and how they think games like Killzone 2, Gears, Halo are overrated (what should be hype Mantels Barbie?). The real truth here is if it weren’t for the playstation brand what would these guys have to write? The 2 XBOX 360 triple AAA exclusive a year? 360 secret games of 2009? The hardcore Wii games?

  28. well one things for sure, this guy’s got this website’s name spread around, I’d never heard of it before, it’s just unfortunate that anyone following the links to this article will see that the site (or at least some of it’s writers) are far from professional, I mean arguing with posters, swearing like crazy. I would think most people, like myself, would take this article for what it is i.e worthless, and be totally put off returning to this site which seems to be run by amateurs.

    sorry I forgot to swear..bollocks!

  29. i don’t think it’s been hyped enough.. sony need to pull fingers out of their collective posterior and get some advertising out there about this thing.. we need to get some interest from people other than fanbois that spend all day on the internet (including me). splash it on the tv on bill boards and, yes, mcdonlads cups, carpet bomb bagdad with flyers for the game, get the logo projected on the face of big ben, hell putting ads somewhere other that OPM and YouToob would be a start..

    hype boys and girls.. hype like you’ve never hyped before.. and hope sony don’t screw the pooch on this one.. (what are the odds??)

  30. Thing is people say to much hype but if you don’t like hype then don’t read everything that’s written about it, if you see another article about KZ2 then just ignore it and make your own mind up when it’s released, simple. Let’s face it anyway if this was an xbox title this article would of never been written, that says it all really.

  31. If the game has the best graphics, it is something. KZ has graphics that beat out anything availabl on any console or even the PC (bar maybe Crysis but I like KZ’s artistic style better). Guerilla deserves to get an apology just for meeting the target renders from 2005.

    I have never seen anyone ragging on its own industry so much. You guys should be glad better and better games are showing up.

    Seriously Dan, give it pause. The whole article was an elaborate brain fart and you know it. Rag on a game if it fails to deliver, that’s fine. But ragging on a game if people are excited about it and talking about it is like, who does that.

  32. The only thing Dan did wrong with his article was to think the majority of people he tried to adress will have brain enough to read between the lines and get out the point he was stating. All he did was talking about a psychological phenomenon called “Overhyping” and you guys started a flame war here.
    The article didn’t fail because its bad. It failed because there is nearly no person here wich has a brain.
    And that people dont read carefully here is pretty obvious as many of you confused John with Dan.
    And Johns first post was a joke and never meant to be serious but you guys missed it again.

    i feel sorry for you as your target group consists mainly of immature kids thinking that Playstation and Killzone is like their binky wich got taken away from them now.

    now you guys can start to flame me but i don’t bother if you do.

    I totally agree with Dans article and i own a PS3 and will play Killzone2 because its a great game.

    cheers everyone

  33. What’s funny, novikthewise, is that even when an intelligent person like yourself understands the article and explains it for all the kids, they will still not get it.

    But thanks to everyone that has the capacity to process thoughts logically. It’s too rare these days.

  34. In a way I agree, cause hype can ruin games, and I am still buying killzone 2 but I keep the hype to the minimum.

    People really misunderstood you, but you should not have acted in such a manner(cursing, telling people to fuck off), that may be bad for your career.

    On the other hand John Landis, acted like a total child, and he should fuck off.