Great news, Sony fans. According to Kaz Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America*, Sony is officially leading the console market with the PS3, disregarding silly things like sales numbers and market share.

So how exactly is Sony “officially” leading? In an interview found in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, Kaz Hirai made the following statement:

“This is not meant in terms of numbers, or who’s got the biggest install base, or who’s selling most in any particular week or month, but I’d like to think that we continue official leadership in this industry.”

Okay… barring all of that, how do you discount the massive success of the Wii?

“It’s difficult to talk about Nintendo, because we don’t look at their console as being a competitor. They’re a different world, and we operate in our world – that’s the kind of way I look at things.”

And what about Microsoft? Are they not a competitor either?

“With the Xbox – again, I can’t come up with one word to fit. You need a word that describes something that lacks longevity.”

What? So basically, Kaz Hirai feels that Sony is leading the gaming industry because the consoles that are beating it don’t count. I suppose he’s right if you follow that logic (which fanboys always do), but I still think he’s a bit delusional. I guess we can’t expect the fanboys (not regular “fans”, you guys are alright) to live in the real world if the PlayStation boss doesn’t, so I blame Kaz for all this Internet hate and douchebaggery.

Oh, guess what else? I am the father of Jessica Alba’s baby. That paternity test saying I’m not? Doesn’t count. We totally had lots of sex and stuff.

*UPDATE: His official title (according to is President and Group Chief Operating Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment. My B, but even kotaku finds these titles confusing.


  1. Yeah DavidBoxG60,I do like “some” penis myself.

    My OWN Penis precisely and exclusively,and your mother likes it too,that’s for sure,roflmao.

    Anyway,yes they ARE ridiculous statements,but as I said,only children and mentally impaired live in “Fantasy Land” and that,being an educated, very subtle and clever insult, sounds too harsh for a guy who has such a big PROBLEM* in its hands,what I mean is,Sony doesn’t need a push to be beaten by 360;Microsoft already sold more.Is it the best console? Arguably.Possibly.

    But not so Clear as you see it boys,and that’s it.

    It’s not a headshot
    Sony can respawn a few more times before dying.

    Besides,this declarations give me shivers down the spine more than laughs.
    I do imagine the japanese living in a closed bubble,isolated from the rest of the world,believing that PS3 sold as well more than 360 in EU and US.
    Imagine for a second they are being lied a la North Korea style just for the bucks,just for tech chauvinism–…But that’s just conspiranoid.

    Anyway,you are right Landis,but I still think you are directly calling for “fanboy disaster”,(though you don’t deserve any insult),with such sharp mocking pieces.

    *(Let’s talk properly here,Sony IS in trouble)

  2. Comments make me laugh. Sony is losing miserably this generation of consoles. That’s how I see it. Is it an arguable statement? Of course! Pretty much anything is really. I argued for two hours one time against the existence of atoms. The simple fact that in this generation the fans of the Playstation brand have to resort to pulling out numbers from the previous generation of systems should be quite telling. How can you use the entire brand of the PlayStation pulling out numbers on the install base or sales of out of date dusty old PS2s and then say the the Wii doesn’t count? Can we compare Nintendo’s brand prestige against Sony’s, because I don’t think that would work out in Sony’s favor. How is it that the Wii targets a different audience than the PS2 does these days? By many Wii detractors on statements the Wii is an inferior machine incapable of competing toe to toe with today’s computational polygon rendering juggernauts. Call of Duty was pretty crappy on the Wii huh? Well, how was it on the PS2? I bet it looked just as good on that as it did on the PS3? Also, bust on the controls all you want, but if you do, then shut the fuck up about about your shitty SIXAXIS bullshit. It was a direct reaction by Sony to compete with the Wii, and frankly, it sucks just as much, if not more.

    Besides, ignoring the competition because it caters to a different market is ridiculous. I mean, imagine if a movie came out and had lackluster ticket sales, and they claimed to be the number one movie as the other movies didn’t count because they catered to a different audience. “The Dark Knight may have beat us in ticket sales, but that was directed at a different audience than our movie, so our movie is the best.” Everything is competing regardless of what audience it’s targeting. They’re all competing for your time and money. Movies, TV, Internet, Wii, PSP… the list goes on and on. Frankly, ignoring the Wii just shows how ignorant some of you people are to the fact that you’re talking about businesses here who want to get as much money as possible. You really think that Sony is discounting the Wii the way these statements make it seem? It certainly didn’t seem so when they ripped the guts out of their controllers at the last minute to get some motion control in there. I’m sure that had absolutely nothing to do with the Wii’s control setup. It’ll be more of the same when the next gen systems are announced and all sides go for the casual audience. Hell, they’re doing it now with stupid crap like the NXE and Home (both of which suck ass, by the way… well, except the new party system, but the rest of it is garbage).

    As far as being the cheapest BR player on the market, that ship sailed long ago, friends. You can get BR players now for around two hundred bucks (American) without even looking. Frankly, I don’t see BR helping the PS3 anymore, to me it was always the other way around, which is one of the reasons Sony has pissed me off this generation. I still don’t see the BR disk being their format for any other reason than to get the edge over HDDVD. As a gamer that pisses me off to no end, to be used as a tool in some grander scheme that has nothing to do with games. I still have yet to see the gaming benefits of the BR over DVD. I’m more than open to it, but frankly the shortcomings of the media outweigh the benefits. I guess if I was so lazy that getting up to change discs (which I still haven’t had to do yet with my 360) was a major hardship, I’d concede that point.

    Does Microsoft’s blunders with their hardware upset me? Of course it does! The difference, to me at least, is that I don’t think that MS intentionally set out to manufacture a faulty product (it just comes naturally to them LAWL) while Sony has done nothing but lie and backpedal and steal ever since the announcement of the PS3. Yes, I know they are all businesses, but at least MS has at least some sort of air of giving a shit. Is it all bullshit? OF COURSE! It’s called PR, and MS is just much better at it than Sony. I don’t remember a point where some MS exec or PR person or tech guy talked as though they were above the gamers buying their product. Of course, Sony is doing a fantastic job of seeming like they’re the underdog battling against the evil dirty money of Corporate Greed Microsoft, so I guess they’re just coming at it from another direction. Sony certainly wasn’t hurting for cash when they paid for the license for the Spider-Man font on their system… oh… they probably didn’t have to pay anything for that since they’re ALL Sony. Gee, all MS’s computer money must really trump Sony’s movie, TV, camcorder, monitor, computer, MP3 player, blue ray player, DVD player, gps system, and cell phone money. I mean, how can Sony possibly compete with Microsoft when Microsoft has all those softwares!? (Please note the sarcasm here)

    My thing is that Sony seems to have given up on the system or is trying to maintain the underdog image because they never have any major campaigns like Microsoft does. Even more amazing is that every time a game or developer “turns traitor” to Sony, it’s always blamed on Microsoft’s big fat wallet. Maybe Sony should be willing to shell out some fucking cash for the benefit of their customers too? I mean, seriously, how is it a bad thing that a company who’s goods and services I’m using is using that money to provide me with more goods and services? To me, it’s like getting pissed off at the restaurant I frequent because they hired a better chef, or got napkins or something and yours didn’t. Tell your hostess to get you some fucking napkins and stop harassing the people over here, we’re trying to eat goddammit!

    Sorry, I just got off of work and I’m tired and irritable, and Dan’s editorial type things are fun to comment on because fanboyz (on both sides, it just so happens it’s Sony’s guys here) are so goddamn insane.

    Oh, and I’m not a 360 fanboy, despite the fact that I will be most likely labeled as one, I just learned to hate Sony after Star Wars Galaxies’ NGE and it just sort of kept growing from there. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, your opinion on everything involving video games as a business and your opinion of how awesome Sony is is null and void because you are ignorant and you are targeting a different audience than myself, so nothing you say or do matters. I’m always right, because anyone who disagrees with me simply does not exist.

    Oh, and I don’t actually hate the PS3, I hate Sony, which makes everything they do suspect in my eyes.

    Flame on.

  3. Dan, you’re crazy man! LMAO!!!!!!

    Fire them fanboys up again!!!!!

    The dude is a tool though and I was thinking the same thing when I read a similar article on ign about a week ago. With logic like that, this guy has to be on some good shit!

    Don’t worry ps3 fanboys, KZ2 is going to save the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. You can say Sony is in trouble, but I disagree, its Microsoft that’s really in trouble. It cut back budgets on its E&D which includes xbox, zune, etc because of the soaring cost of that departments R&D. Sony is not in trouble. I know many factors contribute to this, but just look at their stock. It hasn’t drastically fell, unlike MS’s in the previous year.

    Suddenly, that rumored PS3 price cut is seeming to be a reality, and the rumored xbox price cut is not.

    The statement that he gives saying that the xbox wont last is probably going to be true. It will still have an install base, but receive fewer sales due to technology limitations. Technology advances Its a fact that the ps3 is superior in terms of technology, dont you deny it.

  5. ok I actually was one of the few to agree on the killzone 2 article cause hype kills games, but this was completely unnecessary

    plus the ps3 is leading as a console not on sales, but the value(IMO)

  6. IMO Ripten lost all credibility when typical Dan posted that ‘article’ about the PS3’s version of Farcry 2 being gimped. This one is the icing on the cake.

  7. Seriously though, can we just move on if we don’t like the article? Do we HAVE to go insane at every single article that doesn’t hail PS3 as the savior of mankind? Are you that insecure about your system of choice that you have to act this way?

  8. Cut it off already David,it was funny the first time.Now you seem to be clearly in certain state of mind,receptive for phallus ,but don’t share please.

    It would be easier for me to briefly disrespect Landis than writing that hefty wad full of Engrish.

  9. I knew this’d result in flaming, yes I prefer the ps3 myself but that doesnt mean I’m a fanboy/girl/thing. I respect your words Dan and I honestly could careless if anyone does talk down about ps3 (just an example and I’m not saying Dan is doing so), everyone is entitled to their opinion . So let’s agree to disagree and have a group hug.


  10. they should clone sam and have him write this stuff not dan the xbot,wheres your piece on the stuff greenberg says??oh thats right it’s off limit huh?

  11. any game that comes out for the crapbox wont make me wanna buy one so i guess that means crapbox is a failure according to dan the xbot.

  12. Once again Dan Lambit you manage to write up another crappy article trying to burn the ps3. Why? whats ur problem with the console? Just stick to the microshite section, you massive fanboy cant you try and stay negative?