Looks like Ripten readers love them some PS3 exclusives, because Metal Gear Solid 4 put down Little Big Planet by a razor thin margin to win The Ripten Readers Game of 2008. Thank you all for your well thought out and fun comments, you guys really did do us proud and just reassured us that we have the best readers on the entire internets.

Congrats to you, Cody Segraves for winning our best comment contest for your well thought out explanation of your admiration for Valve’s Left 4 Dead, you’ve won a 60 buck game of your choice.  Also, congrats to DavidGX for coming in second place, and yes, I know we were only supposed to pick one prize winner, but we liked your impassioned comment about Gears 2’s chainsaw bayonet so much we decided to pull together and send you a used copy of The History Channel Presents: Civil War: A Nation Divided for the Xbox 360.  Thousands of bayonets for a bayonet aficionado!

Cody Segraves and DavidGX, email your mailing addresses to Jzungre@ripten.com to collect your games.


  1. come on, David, get excited! think about it, yesterday you didn’t have a copy of civil war! today you’re one game richer!!!