Mod DB have announced their mods of the year today, with both editor-chosen and player-voted categories. This year’s player’s choice award has gone to Project Reality, a mod that changes Battlefield 2 into a more realistic and complete experience. Hit the just for the full list of winners.

Editor’s choice categories:

* Most Innovative Multiplayer: Celestial Impact
* Best Original Art Direction: Delta Sector
* Best Upcoming Mod: Curse
* Best Upcoming Indie Game :Zeno Clash
* Best Indie Game: Mount & Blade
* Best Singleplayer Mod: The Ball
* Best Multiplayer Mod: Project Reality

Player’s choice categories:

* Best Upcoming Mod: Dead before Dawn
* Indie Game of the Year: Mount & Blade
* Mod of the Year: Project Reality


  1. Zombie Panic: Source has a place close to my heart, as I got all caught up it its pre-release hype and started playing it day 1. It caught me for a good few months before my regular server closed down, and I lost interest a bit. It came second in the people’s choice, which is pretty good.