Ghostbusters fans should know that Sigourney Weaver portrayed Dana Barrett in both of the two Ghostbusters films. Weaver was apparently approached to reprise her role in the upcoming game, but initially turned it down. However, later in the game’s development, she changed her mind.

Hearing about Bill Murray’s involvement in the project, Weaver decided that she wanted to be part of the game after all. Unfortunately it was too late into development and a different leading lady had already been cast.

While I would have loved to have Sigourney Weaver reprise her role, it’s her own stupid fault for being so wishy washy.

The Weaver-less Ghostbusters: The Video Game hits shelves in June of this year.


  1. I would have to agree really dumb. but oh well no use crying over spilt milk the game is going to be great, along with the story.