Yesterday, The Behemoth developer studios released the first image from their next game, tentatively titled Block-Headed Man Wearing Professor Layton’s Hat Cries At Green Gem While Robot Army Lurks Behind Him*. The name fits very well, as the image you see above from the game depicts a block-headed man wearing Professor Layton‘s Hat while crying at a green gem as a robot army lurks behind him- as well as a cash register!

Aside from the profusion of things this image tells us, we also know that The Behemoth plans to release a trailer for the game on March 18th, to coincide with the births of Queen Latifah, Dane Cook, and Vanessa Williams! Coincidence? That’s preposterous!

Stay tuned to Ripten as we unravel the mystery of the block-headed man wearing Professor Layton‘s hat.

*not the official title… yet.


  1. I can not wait to see what thier next game will be like. I loved behemoths last two games, and now a robots and a layton hat? seems like its off to a good start to me.