A recent Gamespot interview discussed the February’s NPD sales figures with representatives of both Microsoft and Sony. The writer, Brendan Sinclair, closed the piece by making the following statement:

“The [Microsoft] representative added that Microsoft expects entries in other formerly Sony-exclusive series such as Resident Evil 5 and Final Fantasy XIII to also sell better on the Xbox 360 than the PS3.”

Wha? The Gamespot interview lounge must serve more than milk and cookies to their guests. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Xbox 360 (I loved it more before it broke), but I’d like to have some of whatever that representative was smoking. Now, it’s worth noting that in the Gamespot interview touting this alleged comment, that the wording is that of the writer and not an exact quote by the MS rep.

While I am in not directly doubting the legitimacy of the statement, I always find it hard to take anything outside of a direct quote at complete face value. It’s my belief that if the individual said it verbatim it would and should be quoted as such.

That aside, if he/she did make that comment I see it as more of a thumb to the eye of Sony more than anything else. The PlayStation 3 still has quite the stranglehold on the Japanese market, not to mention exclusive rights to the next gen Final Fantasy release in that region.

Source: Gamespot