SCEA has big plans for downloadable games on the PSP this year. SCEA director of hardware marketing, John Koller, tells us that it’s one of Sony’s “big pushes this year”.

Downloadable games include downloadable versions of key UMD games. Even though retail is important, “the idea of digital distribution fits into the world as we go forward”, John Koller told

“In the back half of this year, we should see a good rise in the amount of content that comes to PSN for the PSP. We’re aware that most of the content thus far has been for PlayStation 3, and that’s based on the usage model and who has been demanding that content. But as we continue, and there’s more of a desire from the consumer for PSP content, we’re going to really increase the size and amount of content that’s available.”

Koller wants to make digital UMD launches happen at the same time the game hits store shelves, saying that “marrying those launches with the digital versions of those launches obviously makes development sense”. However, they haven’t exactly decided how the timetable will actually work.