Waited far too long.

It’s 2012.

There’s no point in me building up suspense, only to reveal that you’re going to be waiting at least three more years to play as your favorite superheroes online. In an interview with MTV Multiplayer, Marvel president of consumer products, Simon Phillips, revealed the date, along with an explanation.

“It sounds like a long way away, but it’s not,” Philips said. “We’ve got to create, together with [game publisher] Gazillion, that environment that is going to be a totally immersive experience and a perpetual storytelling experience as well.”

Well, truth be told, I’m willing to wait. In the meantime, hit the jump for a list of things that will have occurred in the time before the Marvel MMO comes out.

  • Duke Nukem Forever will have been delayed… 7 times.
  • GameSpot will go out of business once a suspicious 10/10 review is posted for Imagine: Bloggerz 2.
  • Poland will adopt the Euro, and the recession it will ultimately bring.
  • The Jonas Brothers will have played at Super Bowl XLIV. In a strange coincidence, suicide rates amongst middle-aged football fans will spike to unparalleled highs on this date.
  • President Obama will have lost his life.In Super Mario Bros. I mean. Probably should have said that first.
  • Conflict between South and North Korea will cease, once Kim Jong Il and Lee Myung-bak share a broment.
  • A famous scientist will find a cure for his cancer- only to die by choking on the medicine.
  • Cloverfield 2 will have been released. The monster will be revealed as Trogdor the Burninator.
  • Activision will have run out of ideas, and begin selling games via digital distribution. Their first attempt is Guitar Hero: The Best of Oasis. The setlist is empty.
  • The National Funk Congress will have finally settled the Get Up/Get Down dilemma.
  • Due to the effects of the economic recession, three letters of the alphabet will be cut back. Congress will decide to remove A, I, and G.
  • Resident Evil 7 will have come out. You play as a white man, shooting white zombies. But it’s set in Nigeria. Sooooo racist.
  • Carrot Top will pass away in late 2010. No one will notice until “society’s worst” are shot into the sun in 2112 and the government can’t find him.
  • PSN’s Fat Princess will have recieved three sequels- Fatter Princess, Even Fatter Princess, American Princess.
  • SpikeTV will acquire G4 and turn it back into TechTV. (I can dream…)

Source: Destructoid

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